about Matsuyama Minami High School

 Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Minami High School has been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology since 2002. We have been researching and developing programs for science education in cooperation with universities and research institutes. We try to bring fascinating and inspiring science activities not only to our students but also to the local community.  Each of our students does a great deal of individual research, and because of their strenuous effort, they have won prizes in various kinds of science fairs.

about SSH

 The SSH project was started in 2002 as part of the "Scientific Literacy Enhancement Initiative" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It aims to develop student abilities and develop global leaders with great ambitions in the field of science. And technology. As of 2021, there are 218 high schools designated as SSH, including ours. 

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Japan Student Science Award

2024年3月14日 14時56分

   We won the Prefectural Governor's Award at the Japan Student Science Award Ehime Prefecture Competition and participated in the central final examination! December 17, 2023, 19:00 Kojo Research Institute, a third-year science and mathematics student, submitted an item to the Japan Student Science Award. However, at the Ehime Prefectural Tournament, he won the Prefectural Governor's Award and was selected to participate in the  central Tournament. In addition, I was selected as a representative at the central preliminary examination (document examination) held on November 12th, and participated in the central final examination (remote) held on the 17th. For the central final examination, participants were required to submit in advance a video summarizing their enormous research results into a 5-minute presentation with about 10 slides, and after the regular examination, they had to work hard to prepare the video while preparing for the personal exam. The question-and-answer session on the 17th required a lot of patience, as rigorous answers were required regarding the investigation of previous research, the validity of the model in model experiments, understanding of theoretical formulas, and comparisons with experimental values. However, we were able to somehow answer the question based on our experimental experience and knowledge. One of the students who participated said, ``Although it was a very tough question and answer session with lots of tough questions, I was happy that they asked questions after fully understanding our research, and it was a fun time.'' I got it. This marks the end of this research group's research activities. Although this is a difficult time, I hope that you will do your best to realize your career path.

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The Kojo research group was awarded the first prize in the central final screening of the Japan Student Science Award.

 December 22, 2023, 9:15 p.m.

   Project Research As a result of the central final screening of the Japan Student Science Award, the Kojo research group was awarded the first prize. I will not forget what I learned this time and will continue to improve my skills in the future.

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11.22 lectures and laboratory tours

2023年11月24日 07時18分

   In a cooperative class between Ehime University and our high school,  first- and second-year students from the science and mathematics department attended lectures and laboratory tours.

   Lecturer: Dr. Yuko Kamika (Associate Professor, Department of Food Production Science, Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University)


(1) Observing the sorting of tomatoes harvested at a plant factory

(2) Collecting data sorted by a sorting machine

(3) Significant difference test using individual weight data (lecture and exercise at the Media Hall of the Center for Information Technology)

   First, we visited a solar-powered plant factory. Tomatoes were grown in a tall plant factory with glass walls, different from ordinary plastic greenhouses. The tomatoes were planted not in the soil but rather in rock wool and hung from above, making it look more like a "factory"  than a "field”. By controlling the plants’ growing environment, they are able to supply farm products at stable prices and quality throughout the year.

   Next, we also observed the sorting of harvested tomatoes by weight.

   After the tour, the students moved to the Information Media Center, where they had a lecture on significance tests while doing exercises using spreadsheet software.

   In a cooperative class between Ehime University and our high school,  first- and second-year students from the science and mathematics department attended lectures and laboratory tours.

   Lecturer: Dr. Yuko Kamika (Associate Professor, Department of Food Production Science, Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University)


(1) Observing the sorting of tomatoes harvested at a plant factory

(2) Collecting data sorted by a sorting machine

(3) Significant difference test using individual weight data (lecture and exercise at the Media Hall of the Center for Information Technology)

   First, we visited a solar-powered plant factory. Tomatoes were grown in a tall plant factory with glass walls, different from ordinary plastic greenhouses. The tomatoes were planted not in the soil but rather in rock wool and hung from above, making it look more like a "factory"  than a "field”. By controlling the plants’ growing environment, they are able to supply farm products at stable prices and quality throughout the year.

   Next, we also observed the sorting of harvested tomatoes by weight.

   After the tour, the students moved to the Information Media Center, where they had a lecture on significance tests while doing exercises using spreadsheet software.

   I believe that the methods we learned for data processing will be valuable for our future research.  ( 209 Ochi Kotaro, Sueda Yuito ) )

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11.12 Botchan Science Award

2023年11月14日 07時15分

   On November 12, two third-year students of the school's Science and Mathematics Department participated in the presentation and award ceremony of the Botchan Science Award at the Tokyo University of Science.  It was a presentation of five outstanding research studies selected from among 221 papers, with 10-minute presentation presentations and a question-and-answer session with the university professors.  The presentation was the culmination of three years of work.  We have shown the possibility of reducing the disadvantages of wind power generation with the flywheel we have invented.  Unfortunately, we did not win the Grand Prize, but the judges gave us high marks, saying that our presentation was very good and that our research was highly complete.

   In addition to this, we received comments such as, "We would like to know what issues would arise if we increase the size of the power generation equipment.

   The competition was such that I would like to make the most of this experience in my future activities at the university I am going to attend.

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11.11 Chairman's Award (biology field) at the Fun Science Contest

2023年11月13日 07時10分

   Received the Ehime Prefecture High School Education Research Association Science Department Chairman's Award (biology field) at the Fun Science Contest

   The final round of the Fun Science Contest was held at Ehime University on November 11. One team from our school participated in this contest, in which teams had to solve difficult problems in the six fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and ICT.  As a result of the judging, our team won the Ehime Prefecture High School Education Research Association Science Club President's Award in the biology field.

   In this contest, all eight of us were able to work out what we had studied in our respective areas of expertise.  As a result, we received the prize in the biology field.  However, it was not just about winning or losing.

   It was a great opportunity to stimulate our intellectual curiosity and motivation through cooperation with our peers and competition with other schools.  It was a day that made us want to deepen my knowledge and experience in the future. ( 209  Takaoka Ryuto, Kuromitsu Eita )

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11.8 SS and DS Interim Presentations

2023年11月10日 07時05分

November 8, 2023

   The SS,DS research midterm presentation was held.  Eleven groups of second-year science and mathematics students and four groups of second-year regular course students made presentations using posters.  First-year science and mathematics students, their advisors, and a teacher from the steering and guidance committee participated, with each group giving two poster presentations and a question-and-answer session.  Furthermore, the second Matsuyama Minami SSH Administrative Guidance Committee meeting was held.  Based on guidance and advice from many people, we will further our research.  Thank you to the steering and advisory committee members for their guidance and advice.

   I felt nervous but I learned a lot of things which I needed. ( 209  Shimamoto Eigo )

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10.30 Steam Lecture

2023年10月31日 07時02分

   The second Steam Lecture of this year was held at school and Professor Hideto Takeuchi, from the Meijo University Teaching Center, gave a lecture titled “Choosing a career path in the AI era What kind of learning can compete with AI?”  He said that in the future, the world will be in an age defined by the question “How can we coexist with AI”, and since the speed of AI’s evolution will be fast, only people who have true ability will be able to survive.

   I felt like the 90-minute lecture went by too quickly, and his passion reached us students’ hearts.  The lecture was meaningful.

   It was very useful for me to hear Mr. Takeuchi’s lecture.  Also, I figured out how we will use AI in the future and I will try my best to use it well. ( 204 MATSUMOTO Aoba, HIGASHI Soshi )

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2023年10月27日 06時52分

   I had a hands-on experience at the Wang Ding Time Science and Art Experience Hall and Ya Dong University of Science and Technology.

   I gave a presentation on Sound Power Generation with Plastic Parabolas and Resonance Tubes at an international forum and had a lot of fun interacting with people from different countries. 

   At New Taipei Municipal Yingee Vocational High School, I participated in Japanese language classes and learned about ceramics. I was able to make friends with the students who were not so familiar with each other and interacted with them a lot.  My host family was very kind to me and I was able to spend a fulfilling week in Taiwan.

   I feel that spending a week long time in Taiwan was a great experience. It was very difficult to deliver a 10-minute presentation in front of presenters from various countries, and I realized how poor my English skills were. However, I gradually became able to communicate in English, and I think I have grown as a result.

   The Taiwanese people were really kind to us and we became such good friends that we still keep in touch with them. I miss them very much. ( 209 Rua HONDA )

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International Joint Research Meeting

2023年10月22日 06時41分

   We held an international joint research meeting with Waipahu High School.

October 21st, 2023

   An international joint research meeting was held online on October 21st.

   This research project started in 2021 and is an ongoing activity in collaboration with Waipahu High School in Hawaii, Uwajima Higashi High School, and Saijo High School, with the theme of comparing the water environments of Ehime and Hawaii.

   Currently, our school's biology department is taking the lead in researching a water circulation system that uses ginkgo charcoal to create a simple plastic bottle filter.

   It was our first time to present our research results in English, so we were very nervous, but with the help of our teachers we were able to do it.  (108 Tanimoto Mitsuki, Haga Tsuyoshi)

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The project that make diorama of Matsuyama castle started!

2023年9月25日 17時00分

 We have started to make diorama of Matsuyama castle by 3D printer because we were made a request by Matsuyama City Industry and Economic Department.  Five students who belong to the physics club will join this project as members.  In the evening of the 22nd, the person in charge came to explain this project and exchanged opinions actively.   (209 MURAKAWA Kotaro)

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Collaborative lessons

2023年9月14日 17時00分

Mr. Kunimatsu talked in detail about the topic of endocrine disruption from its mechanism to the problems of environmental pollution.  The content was very interesting.

Lastly, I visited es-Bank.  It has been keeping biological samples collected from all over the world for 50 years, and researchers make good use of them for various studies.  The biological samples are kept at 25 in a refrigerated warehouse.  In the warehouse, we can see the sea turtles, dolphins and penguins that are preserved there.    (109 KOIKE Nonoka)

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Visiting Daioseishi company

2023年8月22日 17時00分

  Our team whose subject is forest utilizing visited Daioseishi Shikoku head office in Shikokuchuo city on Tuesday August 22th.  We are formed regardless of students’ majors.    So, we enjoyed our research to take advance of their strengths. In Kawanoe factory, we were overwhelmed by its large-scale facilities for production and we developed understanding of products which are sold in Japan and overseas.  Then talked about cellulose nanofiber (CNF) which is sustainable and contributes to a low-carbon society by soft from a division of development.

     We had a valuable opportunity and experience.  ( 206 HISHIZAKA Yu )

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We participated in the 25th Chugoku/Shikoku/Kyushu Area Science and Mathematics High School Project Research Presentation Conference!

2023年8月19日 17時00分

Our school's third-year science and mathematics flywheel group participated in the poster section of the Chugoku/Shikoku/Kyushu Science and Mathematics High School Topic Research Presentation Competition, which was held in Tottori City on August 17th and 18th. We were able to present our research to university professors, teachers and students from other schools using flywheels and propellers.  During the Q&A session, there were some pointed questions and points.  Even though we were confused at some point, we were able to carefully communicate with each other about our research results.

 ■ I was also able to interact with colleagues from the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions who were also working on research projects.  Although we did not receive the award, we gained valuable experience in getting our research known.

 [Research theme] Wind power generation using a flywheel whose moment of inertia changes

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Accorded at Super Science High School Student Research Presentation Received the Encouragement Award!

2023年8月9日 17時00分

On August 9th and 10th, at the Super Science High School student research presentation held at the Kobe International Exhibition Center, three third-year science and mathematics students from our school’s Kojo group gave a presentation on “conditions for the occurrence of glare phenomena.”  And received the Encouragement Award (2nd place nationally in the physics field).  The judging was held in the form of a poster presentation, and we had active discussions with many university teachers and high school students from SSH schools.  We had a very fun and meaningful time.

We gave an enthusiastic presentation during the Q&A session.  At the award ceremony, we were surprised to hear my school's name called out.

  We were delighted that both schools won awards. We are very happy to have achieved a result that I never expected: second place in the nation.  From now on, I would like to finish my research so as not to be embarrassed by this result.  ( 309HR Masaya Watanabe)

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Kyoto University Faculty of Science COCOUS-R Interim Presentation

2023年8月8日 17時00分

Three second-year students of the Science and Mathematics Department of our school participated in the COC OUS-R Interim Presentation, a high school-university cooperative project to promote scientific inquiry activities in the Faculty of Science, Kyoto University, in which 21 schools from all over Japan participate.  On the first day, a slide presentation was given first.  Our school gave a presentation titled "Butyric Acid in Ginkgo Biloba for the Improvement of Bad Odor".  There was a lively Q&A session, and our students were seen actively asking questions.  After the presentation, students from other schools gave poster presentations and had fruitful discussions.

On the second day, after conducting chemical experiments on dyes, we had an exchange meeting with high school students around the posters.

We would like to thank all the professors and students of Kyoto University for taking time out of their busy schedules to provide us with this opportunity.  I am glad to have good experiences.    ( 209HR  Jinno Maho )

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Advanced Science Study(day 2)

2023年8月2日 17時00分

 On the second day, we went to Tokyo to visit the Institute of statistical Mathematics and true data, Inc. At the Institute of statistical Mathematics, Dr. Miyasato first gave an overview of the institute and we toured the facilities.  Then, Dr. Mchihashi introduced his study on “Modeling Evaluation of Tanka” We learned the importance of considering “invisible data” and modeling it mathematically.

     At true data Inc. Dr. Toyama gave a “practical workshop on Data Analysis Vitalizing URECON” Each group researched and discussed products of interest to us.  Then summarized and presented our findings.

     Through these seminars, the participants experienced more practical things about data analysis and STEM education.  We will continue to hone our skills to apply the knowledge we learned this time to our future research projects, career exploration, and other activities.

  I learned a lot about how to handle data. I would like to refer back to this as I handle data in my own studies.   ( 209 Kameoka Mayu )

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Advanced Science Study(day 1)

2023年8月1日 17時00分

In this training, 2nd and 3rd year students visited universities and companies in the Kanto region for two days starting August 1st.

On the first day, we visited Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo.  In the former, in Professor Nagahara's workshop, each group made a hypothesis, measured it, and considered about what it could be expected mathematically through these results.

In the latter, we took a lecture about STEM education, scientific and technical communication, astrophysics and neutrinos.

After that we visited several facilities and used an educational app developed by  graduate students to consider how it worked.

Both were very interesting and exciting for us.

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Hands-on Programming Class

2023年7月21日 17時00分

On Friday, July 21, a hands-on programming class was held at the Media Hall in Ehime University's Comprehensive Information and Media Center.  Twenty-five elementary school students from Matsuyama City participated in the class and experienced programming using LEGO Education SPIKE Prime.

The school's ICT education support staff and STEAM education support staff served as instructors, and two Ehime University students, who work as school supporters , and 16 first- and second-year students from the school supported the elementary school students as teaching assistants.  First, the students created their own robot cars with LEGO bricks, programmed them using the SPIKE software, and gave them a test drive.  Next, they improved the robot car by using gear parts to make it run faster, and finally, everyone competed in a robot car race.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the event. We hope that this event will spark your interest in programming and robot.

  All of the children in this hands-on class were interested in programming, and they immediately put into practice what we taught them, such as how to move forward and how to make it faster, which we enjoyed.

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Nikkei STEAM Symposium

2023年7月19日 17時13分

  STEAM Symposium, which Nikkei Newspaper hosted is held in Osaka International Exchange Centre.  15 students in three groups took part in a three-month online workshop since April.  As ‘Cheers!’ we worked together to make presentations with the advice of university student supporters and business people working in the field.

    Five third-year students took part in “Student summit ~Future Earth Conference~” which suggested ways to protect future earth.  Five third-year regular course students took part in a “Poster session,” which let them experience the hypothesis Testing Cycle.  Five second-year regular course students took part in the “DIS steam seminar,” which suggested ways to use ICT in educational facilities.

    We left the school at 6:30 am on July the 19th by bus.  We started research as soon as we arrived.  It was very busy, with the closing ceremony at 4:30pm.  But we were able to learn through the presentations of various people. Business people and people involved in the Osaka Expo were invited as judges.  The thigs pointed out were instructive.  The many presentations were easy to understand, and they taught us a lot of techniques.  We were only able to attend this for half a day, but it was very fulfilling.

   The result of this was that we won the best prizes in ‘DIS steam seminar’.  We received compliments on our presentation.  This encouraged us for our future research in Data Science Ⅱ.  It was hard work, but it was very meaningful.       (205HR TAKAHASHI Yusuke)

地球サミットロビーで2 集合明石大橋 ポスターcheersと


The Lecture on STEAM

2023年6月16日 17時00分

On June 16th,a cultural lecture for high school students was given by a manga artist, Mr.Shinichi Sakamoto, In search of your manga expression. He is a sincere person, passionate and dedicated to research. He talked about his success and setbacks in his life of loving manga, and his passion conveyed to students' hearts.  There wasn't enough time for every student to inquire about everything he had experienced or advices during the question and answer session.  It was a meaningful lecture for students.  Our school positioned this lecture as the "A:Art" of STEAM education and conducted it as a STEAM  lecture.  The students were able to learn from Mr.Sakamoto, who also has airs of being a researcher, about a heart that loves research and the importance of continuing to gather data without fear of failure.

When I attended the lecture, I realized I want to find something that I can absorb myself in.    (204  Kuroda Sara)

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STEAMè¬_æ¼_ä¼__è¬_æ¼_ STEAMè¬_æ¼_ä¼__è¬_æ¼_2 STEAMè¬_æ¼_ä¼__質ç__å¿_ç__â_¡

Awarded Encouragement Prize

2023年5月17日 16時50分

2023/03/25    Awarded Encouragement Prize at the 9th Mathematical Engineering Contest hosted by Musashino University
    The flywheel group from our second grade science and mathematic students work on a research project titled “wind power generation using a flywheel with a variable moment of inertia”, and received an encouragement award for the paper they submitted to this competition.  At the award ceremony which was held online, the judges gave very thoughtful comments on this research and it was a pleasure to receive the award, as well as to have additional perspectives that can inform our future research. ( 309  Murakami haruhumi )

the Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University

2023年5月17日 16時48分

    On March 23rd at the Faculty of Agriculture, Ehime University, we along with prof. Moeko Ishida, herself a graduate of our school for SSH’s second cohort, reported
on the results of the research “Verification of anti-obesity effects of Ginkgo
Leaf Extract”, carried out by now second-year Science and Mathematics
course students from the Ginkgo group.  In addition to the report, we 
received guidance and advice for future research.
    Starting from April, with the relaxation of infection control measures, we are
scheduled to conduct research in the university laboratory for the first time
in two years.■

We were able to actually go to the university laboratory, and were showed
All of the experimental equipment, which was a very good experience.     ( 309  Kokoro shiraishi )


Junior Session of the Physics Society of Japan

2023年5月17日 16時44分

   On Saturday, March 18, Junior Session of the Physics Society of Japan was held online, and six research teams from our school’s physics course participated.  The competing teams were selected to represent their school after having their research papers, which were due last December, read by the judges our six teams were the most from any one school in the whole country.  The session consisted of 10 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Questions and Answers, and 20 minutes free discussion.  The for each team Q&A sessions were full of very advanced and sharp questions from so many physics professors gathered in just one place.  The competing students looked nervous, but they seemed to do their best to answer the questions. The research topics of the competing teams were as follows:
・Research on causes of splattering of contents when opening seasoning sachets
・Wind power generation using a flywheel with variable moment of inertia
・Research on wind power generation of rotating objects using 
・Why is the sound amplitude different whether a container filled with water is tapped or shaken?
・Conditions and principles of the generation of the kay effect  ~Focusing on the type of fluid and the plane in which shampoo falls~
・Conditions for the occurrence of the glare phenomenon: Focusing on optical factors ■

   I think I was able to increase my motivation for research through discussions with students from other schools with whom I would not normally have the opportunity to interact. I would like to make the most of the opinions we gained from these discussions in the future.

Debriefing session on the results of SSH initiative

2023年5月17日 16時40分

   On Friday, March 10th a debriefing session on the results of SSH initiative was held In the morning, results from "Research SS" (Super Science) by students on the science & mathematics course, and from "Reseach DS" (Data Science) by students on the general course were presented in a poster session format, Students from Saijo High School and Uwajima Higashi High School, both of which are SSH schools too, also gave presentations, and interacted with each other. Both presentations were full of enthusiasm and lively Q&A discussions.  This meeting has been guided by teachers who are members of the steering and guidance committee. ■

   This year we received careful guidance many times, too.  We are grateful to them.  I was fascinated by the interesting research.  (109 Maho Jinno)

2.16 Poster Presentation

2023年4月4日 07時39分

    During Super Science class on February 16th, a 11 group’s of project research presentation session was held. As for 2nd year students 11 groups gave presentations. As for 1st year students listened and held question-and-answer session. The 2nd year students seemed nerves, however they were able to give great presentations. During the question-and-answer session and critique sharp points were raised and issues were identified. From now they will continue to deepen their research and do their best in writing and presenting their dissertations.

I decided I want to be able to give great presentations like my seniors, so I will continue to my do my best in my research.

I was able to learn how to make on effective presentations.
I would like to make the best use of this experience in my research.

2.5 Ehime Science Challenge

2023年4月4日 07時32分

    Ehime Science challenge 2022 was held at Ehime University, participating 5 teams of 2nd grade students from our school. After 30-minutes of highlight presentation, a poster session was held, followed by a Q & A session. After much deliberation by judges from the faculty, “study on wind power generation of rotating body using a winged model” and “conditions of occurrence of grade phenomenon : Approaching optical factors” won the Excellence Award (prefectural best 4). All participants took part eagerly.
    In addition, students from the Science and Mathematics Department cooperated in running this competition. I helped with session not giving their own meeting and other preparations. Moreover, students presentation also observed many of those from their peels, and had a meaningful time, such as interacting with students from other schools at the workshop before the closing ceremony.

    I think it was a good opportunity to learn about the research of other schools and I was able to have a wonderful time.

1.26 Ehime Super High School Consortium

2023年4月4日 07時30分

   All 1st and 2nd grade students of the Science and Mathematics course as well as some students representing the General course participated in the Ehime Super High school Consortium held at the Camellia Hall of the Matsuyama City Community Center. This meeting featured research presentations from prefectural high school along with other schools engaged in advanced educational activities, as well as panel discussions on the theme of regional revitalization by local experts and students. From our school, student representatives gave presentations on three projects: the Super Science High school project, Ehime's STEAM Education Research and Development Project, and Ehime High School Students' Next Generation Human Resource Development Project, The question-and-answer session was also lively and meaningful. In the second half, a panel discussion "High School Students' Ideas for Regional Revitalization in Ehime Chuyo" was held, featuring our second grade students Messrs. Many opinions unique to high school students were expressed.■
    I learned a lot of things from presenting on stage. It was very good for me to experience these things.  

English Presentation

2023年3月13日 09時42分

  On Thursday, January 26th, the first-year students of our Science and Mathematics Department gave an English presentation. 
  Three pre-selected groups, the Ginkgo Group, Limonene Group, and Parabola Group, presented their research in a PowerPoint presentation in English. 
  After the presentations and Q&A session, Dr. Shengxuan Huang, a research fellow at Ehime University's Research Center for Deep Earth Dynamics, and our ALT, Mr. ADAM HIRST, gave specific advice on the content of the presentations, presentation methods and techniques. Furthermore, the Q&A session was conducted in English, and the students' proactive efforts to communicate to the best of their ability in English were seen, making for a very lively presentation session. Let's make use of this experience in our future research and presentations. ■
  It was my first experience to participate in a research presentation in English, but I was able to actively participate as a listener, and I would like to carry my positive attitude forward.  ( 109  TAKAOKA Ryuji )

We attended a lecture given by Yukiko Suga

2023年3月13日 09時40分

  We attended a lecture given by Yukiko Suga, representative of Rejoui on January the 20th. 
  She talked about the data comprehension abilities needed by high school students. 
First, she said that data science is about using data to improve the accuracy of problem solving and create new value. 
Second, a data scientists is a professional who creates value from the data and solves business problems. 
Finally, she said that data scientists need the ability to think critically. 
Listening to this lecture, I decided to train my own thinking skills on a daily basis. 
That’s why I resolved to read more books than I used to. ( 105  SONEDA Kota )

programing experience class

2023年3月8日 17時58分

 On Tuesday, December 27th, we held a programing experience class for elementary-school kids at Ehime university.
 Thirty-nine students from eight elementary schools in Matsuyama city participated and experienced programming using Lego Education SPIKE™ prime. Nineteen first-year students from our school supported elementary school students as teaching assistants. It was a good learning opportunity for both elementary and high school students. We would like to thank all the students who participated.

SSH Taiwan Science Exchange Training

2023年3月8日 17時52分

 SSH Taiwan Science Exchange Training the 4th year of the Reiwa era December 26th, (Monday), we held an online session “SSH Taiwan Chemistry Exchange Training Program” with Taipei Jianguo High School, our sister school. Previously we have visited each other’s countries to conduct scientific exchanges through presentations of research projects, participating in classes, and other activities. However, we haven’t been able to visit Taiwan in recent years and online interaction continues. The event started with greetings from “Chuang Chih-Chun", the principal of Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School along with our school’s principal, Tetsuya Ikeda. This time, we each gave each other two research presentations; a presentation on local culture, and a quiz competition using KAHOOT. Although we didn’t have much time for research discussions, we still had a very meaningful time learning about each other’s research and local cultural characteristics. We’ll continue to use the online technology and interact with each other. Thank you very much, fellow students of Taiwan! ■

Impressions: I would like to learn from the Taiwanese students more because their research was at high level.  ( 109  ITO Ayane )

STEAM lecture meeting

2023年3月8日 17時48分

 On December 20, we listened to a talk by Mrs. Shio Kawagoe, an associate professor from the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo.
 I heard that it was important to work on interdisciplinary classes that deepen learning by combining various subjects without being bound by the framework of humanities and science.■

 I think that acquiring the ability to discover and solve social problems will be of great help to society in the future.
I was very interested in hearing about astrophysics and neutrino astronomy in detail.  (102 MATSUURA Yuna)

Kansai Training

2023年2月23日 10時45分

 For 3 days from December 6th, 40 science and mathematics students took part in the event "Kansai Training."  We did our best towards these fulfilling activities: 

Attend a Seminar at the Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo 

Communicate using Lego SPIKE at Hyogo Prefectural Kahogawa Higashi High School 

Communicate with alumni over Zoom.

The most interesting part of the day was the visit to Kakogana Higashi High School. The students at that school were also science and mathematics students, just like us, so we were able to discuss our respective research on the same wavelength, giving us hints for our own research, and a boost to our motivation.

On the second day of the training, we went to Osaka.

Specifically, the Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University, and the Bio-history Research Hall at the Osaka Science Museum.

At the research facility, we were able to observe the latest technology of Japan. Also, because we were able to get a closer-than-usual look at the university's facilities, we were able to see a place we often go to in a new light.

On The third day,  we're a little sad to think that today is the last day, but we'll do our best to make the most of it, and learn a lot. 

Bando Kobe Science Museum

"SPring 8"(Super Photon ring @ 8 GeV) and "SACLA" (SPring-8 Angstrom Compact free electron LAser) 

We were able to learn about many of Japan's latest technologies. In addition, we were able to learn about the challenges and rewards of working as a researcher from the stories of people involved in the research there.

                                                           (109HR   OCHI Syoya)
day 1
day 3

Collaborative classes

2023年2月23日 10時43分

 On November 24, collaborative classes between Ehime University and our school were held in two physics and biology for the first-years and two in engineering for the second-years.
[First year-Physics] Instructor: Professor Tsunehiro MAEHARA (Ehime University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering) Subject:「All about plasma energy」
[First year-Biology] Instructor: Professor Hirotaka TAKAHASHI(Ehime University Proteo-Science Center ) Subject:「Viral infection from the basic」
[Second year-Engineering] Instructor: Professor Tomoyuki KAJIWARA (Ehime Graduate School, Graduate school of Science and Engineering) Subject: 「Language processing AI ~the front line of natural language processing~」

 We were taught about the activities of universities in various fields. They not only gave us lectures, but also showed us how they were actually conducting research, and it was a very exciting training for us students. (109 Mana SHIMAMUR)

the 36th Ehime Prefecture High School Comprehensive Culture Festival

2023年1月25日 17時48分

 On November 11th, the Natural Science Division of the 36th Ehime Prefecture High School Comprehensive Culture Festival was held. Nine groups from our school participated and made poster presentations. It seemed to be a good stimulus for the students to listen to the presentations from other schools with which they normally cannot interact.
 As a result of the judging, the Ray system Research Group received the Award for Excellence for their presentation on "Conditions for the occurrence of glare phenomena: Investigating optical factors" and the Ant Group received the Encouragement Award for their presentation on "Environmental assessment and surveying of natural and artificial forests in Matsuyama City . The Ray system Research Group will participate in the to be held in the next year 2023 Kagoshima "Sohbun", or inter-high school competition for cultural clubs.■
We will do our best to deepen our research and obtain satisfactory results at the next Kagoshima Soubun. ( 209  Watanabe Masaya )

Ehime Prefecture High School Comprehensive Culture Festival

2023年1月25日 09時55分

   On November 11th, the Natural Science Division of the 36th Ehime Prefecture High School Comprehensive Culture Festival was held. Nine groups from our school participated and made poster presentations. It seemed to be a good stimulus for the students to listen to the presentations from other schools with which they normally cannot interact.
   As a result of the judging, the Ray system Research Group received the Award for Excellence for their presentation on "Conditions for the occurrence of glare phenomena: Investigating optical factors" and the Ant Group received the Encouragement Award for their presentation on "Environmental assessment and surveying of natural and artificial forests in Matsuyama City . The Ray system Research Group will participate in the to be held in the next year 2023 Kagoshima "Sohbun", or inter-high school competition for cultural clubs.■

   We will do our best to deepen our research and obtain satisfactory results at the next Kagoshima Soubun. ( 209  Watanabe Masaya )

international collaborative meeting

2023年1月25日 09時44分

   An international collaborative meeting was held online on November 6th (Japan time).From this time, Saijo High school other SSH in prefecture, has joined the project, and the four schools, Uwazima-Higashi High school, Saijo High school, and Waipahu High school, will conduct joint research. 
   The joint theme is "the improvement of the aquatic environment".Based on the results of the water quality study conducted last year using pack tests, each school is conducting its own field study from this year.
Seven two-year students in the Chemistry and Biology clubs at our school are working on "Developing a unique plastic bottle filtration system using everyday items".
   This was the first time for the students who reported on their progress to present in English, but thanks to the guidance of Mr.kouno and Adam, our ALT, They presented their work confidently and were actively engaged in the Q&A session. The students of the ESS club also attended the lecture and had a meaningful exchange with the students. ■

   I was not very good at English, but I was able to successfully give my presentation.
   It was a good experience for me to become familiar with English and to enjoy interacting with others. ( 209  Shiraishi Hikaru )

the Robot Idea Koushien Shikoku Tournament

2023年1月24日 16時37分

   Hikaru Shiraishi, a second-year student in the Department of Science and Mathematics at our school, represented Ehime Prefecture in the Robot Idea Koushien Shikoku Tournament held on Saturday, October 29th, at e-Topia Kagawa in Takamatsu. As an idea for a new way to use industrial robots, she proposed and presented "Ryosuke," a fully automatic fishing boat using a robot arm. The judges commented, "It was good that the robot considered not only production but also environmental conservation," and "The robot took the usage environment into account when considering materials and processing." Unfortunately, the result was not enough to qualify for the national competition, but there were many things, such as the presentation method, that will be helpful in the future.
   I learned the importance of advance preparation when I participated in the Robot Idea Koshien.
   Advance preparation gives you more time to repare for the actual presentation.   I felt that this is where the winners and losers were decided.( 209  Shiraishi Hikaru )


2022年12月28日 13時25分

   A co-authored thesis by Kotetsu Maruyama enrolled at this school and teachers of Ehime  and Kyushu University was published in ‘EPL’
   Kotetsu Maruyama worked on his themed research, receiving guidance from Mr. Tatsuhiko Miyata at Ehime University as a 2020 Global Science Campus student.
    This was analyzed thesis ‘Integral equation study oh effective attraction between liked-charged particles mediated by cations : Comparison between IPY2 and HNC closures.’
     It is very unusual and unprecedented that  Japanese student’s thesis was appeared in international academic journal of overseas.

*The 2 people in this picture are Aki Kato from Ehime University Global Science Campus(Left) and Mr. Tatsuhiko Miyata who instructed this research(right)

~The content of this experiment~
   I mainly collected data related to colloidal particles by using PC program which is called ‘Cygwin’.

 It was hard at times to understand the use of the Cygwin and collidial phenomenon, however it was interesting to get to grips with the process. ( Kotetsu Maruyama 307 )

“World Tsunami Awareness Day” 2022

2022年12月28日 13時19分

   On October 19th and 20th, I participated in the High School Students Summit convention on “World Tsunami Awareness Day” 2022 for 2 days.  It was held at the Toki Messe in Niigata city. In the breakout sessions, we shared our opinions on the theme “Disaster Risk Reduction” and discussed it together, In addition, I gave a presentation whose title was “Fabrication of seismic isolation rubber which can be used for furniture.”  I made a lot of friends, including international students, and played a role in a commemorative tree planting.  Through this summit, my awareness of disasters and measures against them increased. I had a wonderful time. ■(OZAKI Yuka 109)

9.15 SS in Ehime University

2022年10月26日 17時32分

A lecture course was started, with a choice of lectures on chemistry and geology for first-year students, and respectively agriculture and mathematics for second-year students.
After their approximately-120-minute lecture, we enjoyed a tour of the laboratories and other facilities.

First-years: Chemistry
Lecturer: Prof. Tatsuya KUNIMOTO
Subject: "Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals"

First-years: Geology
Lecturer: Prof. Masanori KAMEYAMA
Subject: "Looking Inside the Earth and Planets through the Eyes of Physics: Solid Earth and Planetary Physics."

Second-years: Agriculture
Lecturer: Prof. Momoko ISHIDA
Subject: "Functional evaluation of food ingredients using cultured animal cells: anti-allergic and anti-obesity effects.

Second-years: Mathematics
Lecturer: Prof. Takamitsu YAMAUCHI
Subject: "Real Numbers and Infinitesimals (Toward College Mathematics)"

Lecturers taught us about the cutting-edge of science and technology at the university, in a way that was easy to understand. We learned how interesting it is to conduct research in each area of study, and about the attitudes of the professors who are engaged in everyday research.■

I gained a lot of interest from this session. Their lecturing style was very engaging. I intend to proceed to higher education, so I would like to learn many subjects more deeply. ( Masaharu HOKIGUCHI  109 )

8.26 Marine Environment

2022年10月26日 17時28分

 Marine Environment contest for high school students was held in Kobe on August 26th (Fri). The group “Negibo's”from science and math course the third year at our school gave an oral presentation.
 While the presentation time was only 12 minutes and guidance and advice was only 20 minutes, the three teachers who instructed us detailed instruction on how to make slides and the content of our research, as well as presentation skills, which enabled me to get a high evaluation.
 High school students became more aware of marine environmental issues, and other participating schools requested that they be taught how to conduct experiments threshes making it a meaningful presentation on.■

 I became more interested in maritime issues, because I was able to discuss marine environmental issues with students and teachers from other schools.
From now on, I would like to try to improve marine environmental problems. ( Shingu Sae 309HR )

8.23 EHIME SDGs koshien

2022年10月26日 17時28分

On Tuesday, August 23rd,
Seven high school students in the second year of high school took park in "Ehime SDGs Contest". Twelve teams, one from each of the 12 high schools in the prefecture, have each decided on a theme related to the SDGs and have been active for about five months. Reports given by each team were very unique and interesting, and the program was very valuable. Our school’s theme was “Gender”. In response to the adoption of slacks in girl’s uniform, we worked to raise awareness of gender issues. You can see each team’s activities of energetic high school students.■

Student’s Comment
  I could understand gender and I joined this contest actively.  It was very hard but it was also valuable.  I would like to continue this kind of activity.   (208HR OGAWA futa)


2022年10月12日 17時21分

 An orientation for the foundation stage of the ROOT program was held on July 31st.
Through this lecture, I realized that even simple questions can be made more organized, and that deeper answers can be reached by thinking about them in neither more fundamental or more lateral ways. In addition, when students exchanged opinions, there were many fascinating opinions that I myself wasn’t able to think of. ■

Student’s Comment
 From this session, I learned that it’s important to look at things from a variety of perspectives. ( Mana SHIMAMURA 109 )

2022.08.05 - SSH Kobe

2022年10月11日 17時55分

   The third-year science and mathematics vitamin team participated in the SSH competition on Wednesday, August 3rd and Thursday, August 4th, by presenting posters and conducting scientific exchanges.  It was the first time in three years that SSH schools from all over the country were able to meet, and we were able to realise the advantages of face-to-face meetings, as well as the growth of students. We would like to utilise the advice and opinions of many high school students and judges as motivation for future research.

[Presentation Theme]: Establishing a method for quantifying β-carotene in “Tōmyō” bean sprouts

[Presentation Students]: Riko KAMIZASA (309), Lisa JYOKO (309) and Rin MIYAMOTO (309) ■

Student’s Comment
   Through this competition, we learned a lot from getting involved with students and teachers from various schools. – Rin MIYAMOTO (309)

Science Research Seminar

2022年9月11日 17時01分

 High school students in science clubs from around the prefecture gathered to attend a research workshop. It was held as a hybrid of group participation at our school and online participation, all while taking infection control measures.
 First, the lecture titled “Discovering Issues and Key Points” was conducted by Kouji MURAKAMI, vice-principal of Mishima High School. It supported various experiments, and at the same time made us think deeply about them in many different aspects.
 After that, the representative schools participating in the All-Japan Culture Festival were announced, and a research team from our school representing chemistry gave a presentation on the theme of “Let’s save the ocean with shaved green onion ~ Removal of marine pollutants.”
 From the afternoon, Yousuke TAMAI, teacher at Imabari Nishi High School, gave a lecture on “Measurement Instrumentation DrDAQ.”
It was a very productive workshop. ⬛
Student’s Comment
We learned how to interpret the software’s graphs, and it was fun to do the calculations ourselves. – Yuuha KITAMURA, 309

Social Joint-Development Contest 2022

2022年9月2日 18時41分

 Social Joint-Development Contest 2022
On Saturday, 16th of July, the “Social Joint-Development Contest 2022” award ceremony was held in Ehime University's Nanka Memorial Hall, attended by one group from our school’s general course and three groups from the science and mathematics course.
The group from the regular course was acknowledged for its data science research, titled “creating a prefecture rich in linguistic diversity – sign language is useful,” and was presented with the regional issues Division Encouragement Award.
The third group from the science and mathematics course was acknowledged for the topic research it conducted through the Super Science programme and its club activities. In addition, the research, Exploration and Data Science divisions were given the following awards: 
・ Grand Prix, for the Silk Team 
・ Foward Grand Prix, for the Brown Rice Team 
・ Encouragement Award, for the Carotene Team
Furthermore, the Silk Team also gave a presentation on behalf of the award winners.

It was a good experience for various people to know about our research, and the professor of Ehime University gave us valuable advice. Based on this advice, we can make our research even better. Thank you to everyone inside and outside the school who cooperated with the project research.  (309) Aika NISHIOKA

2022.07.19 - Data Science II Lecture Meeting

2022年9月2日 18時38分

Data Science II Lecture Meeting
In the 7th period, a Data Science II session was held for second year students on the general course. This class was held by M’s. Nozomi IMOTO, representative of mitei LLC and graduate alumnus of our school, who lectured on the theme of “mitei and data leading to the future.”
During the lecture she talked about her time as a fourth-year student at Shiga University in the Faculty of Data Science, when she started mitei, her IT venture business, and about the importance of studying a wide range of subjects during high school. Afterwards, a lively question-and-answer session was held. ⬛

Students’ Comment:
For us, the second-year students, this was surely a great learning opportunity for our own current research projects.  (202 Yura TAKAHASHI)

video conference

2022年5月23日 07時28分

Waipahu High School in Hawaii, Uwajima Higashi High School, and ourschool have been conducting an international joint research project on waterpurification since last year.  This time,the progress of research in the three schools was mutually presented andconfirmed.   In this school, we tried tofabricate a variety of filtration devices and determined the performance of thedevices through pack tests.   Inaddition, Uwajima Higashi High School and Waipahu High School reported on theirefforts to purify rivers using oyster shells and native Hawaiian plants “Akulikuli”,respectively.   And then, we have a lively exchange of ideas. 


Auther’s opinion:  At the third exchange meeting, the studentsbecame accustomed to asking questions in English and were able to interactactively.  I would like to continue to domy best with them. 209Kaito Matsutomo


2022年5月23日 07時23分

   Ten SSH-designated schools from the Shikoku area gathered online over zoom, and third-year students presented the results of their research along with a question and answer session.  Schools took turns to give presentations, with ten in total online over zoom. From our school, the "vitamin C" group presented on the theme of "Establishment of a quantitative method for measuring β carotene contained in pea sprouts". During the course of the research, the experimental results were not reproducible, and when we suggested that we consider the cause, the lecturer agreed, and told us all that that attitude is important. Furthermore, all second and third-year students of the science and mathematics course attended and actively participated in the question and answer session.

March 9th (Wed.) – Matsuyama Minami High School SSH Research Presentation Meeting

2022年4月5日 16時39分

On March 9th 2022, from 13:00 to 15:00, the third annual SSH Research Presentation Meeting was held in the school gym here at Matsuyama Minami High School. In order to ease the risk of coronavirus infection, the meeting was as a hybrid of face-to-face and online attendance over ZOOM. The schedule of the meeting was as follows:
  1.Opening Ceremony
        ·Opening Greeting hosted by Acting Principal and Vice-principal Seiji SHIGEMATSU
  2.Presentation Block I – Internationality Development Project
        ①Regarding the Internationality Development Project:
                i.Regarding the Internationality Development Project
                ii.Regarding the international joint research: “Comparison of the Water Environment between Ehime and Hawaii”
        ②First-year students on the Science and Mathematics Course, English Presentation: “Research on dyes of ginkgo biloba”
  3.Presentation Block II – Presentations on Data Science by students on the General Course
        ①Second-year students from the Data Marketing team: “Minami students and companies Data Marketing Collaboration – Made in Ehime – All-purpose morning-caught sea bream!”
        ②Second-year students from the Data Marketing II team: “FORCE LEFT – A consideration of the defence tactics of basketball games”
        ③Second-year students from the Data Marketing I team: “Sightseeing in Ehime connected by roadside stations”
  4.Presentation Block III -  Presentations by students on the Science and Mathematics Course
        ①Second-year students, group one: “Let’s save the ocean using Negibōzu! Removal of marine pollutants using onion head flower”
        ②Second-year students, group two: “Establishment of a method for quantifying β-carotene contained in bean seedlings”
  5.Instructional Comments
        ①Feedback provided by Ehime University Professor Hirano KAN
  6.Closing Ceremony
        ·Closing Greeting hosted by Acting Principal and Vice-principal Seiji SHIGEMATSU
Presentations were given on the results of the business report on the SSH Internationality Development Project, along with research on international joint research, and the research projects being worked on by all students. Each group worked hard on their research alongside their studies and club activities throughout the school year.
During the Q&A session, the questions continued even after the given time, so the meeting was very lively. We can expect our research to deepen and leap forwards in the future. ■
Author’s Opinion:
I took part in the meeting as an audience member. I found every team’s presentation to be interesting. I myself have also been conducting research, and the more I do, the more I have enjoyed it and the more proud I have felt. I felt the same feelings from the presenters today, which is the thing that impressed me most of all. Furthermore, I will continue to do my best in my research thanks to them. Thank you to all those who hosted such a wonderful meeting. Please continue to support us. (209, Yuka OZAKI)

Scientific Meeting with Mr. MAN'I

2022年3月17日 20時14分

   At noon on Sunday, February 6th, Professor Tomoyasu MAN’I, resident in the United States and assistant professor at the University of Connecticut, held an online exchange meeting with 17 science and mathematics students.

   In the first part, the representative groups from our school, “NEGIBOU’s” and “Vitamin C Team”, gave research presentations, and received guidance and advice from Prof. MAN’I that was specific and easy to understand; advice that could lead to the development of our future research.

   Students not giving presentations were also given careful pointers on how to proceed with their research, focusing on the important aspects of the research methods themselves, as well as how best to show and convey their research through presentations and posters.

   In the second part, a session with Prof. MAN’I was held in which he was posed questions about various topics, including his research, the importance of English overseas, and how to prioritize between the many things one may be interested in. Prof. MAN’I gave valuable answers based on his own experience.

   Finally, Prof. MAN’I gave an encouraging message to the students, saying: “When you are able to conduct experiments, it’s best to do the research properly,” and “Instead of thinking about your university only by their T-scores, I want you to imagine your own life after going on to university, choose your university based on that, and work hard toward that point.”

   I would like to make use of what we learned at today’s exchange meeting for our future research and for the realization of our careers. ■

The Author’s Opinion:
I want to make use of this valuable experience in my life from this day forward.
(209) Rin MIYAMOTO

WiDS HIROSHIMA Ideathon 2022

2022年3月10日 17時25分

   “WiDS HIROSHIMA Ideathon 2022” was held on January 29th, 2022. Two teams from our school passed the qualifiers and gave an online presentation, with four finalists including us.
WiDS stands for WOMEN in DATA SCIENCE, and is an activity centred on Stanford University ICME in the U.S. with the aim of developing human resources who can play an active role in data science regardless of gender. The theme this time was to propose the next generation of boxed lunches that make use of data.
   Under the theme of a box that does not produce garbage, the “Squash” group proposed a lunch box made using vegetables, on the basis that half of all plastic waste is packaging such as for bento. 8 million tons of marine plastic waste are released every year, and 24% of vegetables grown are not actually distributed. In addition, they explained that in Japan, 1/7 of children are poor, so unsold produce should be delivered to them, and that used boxes could also be provided as raw materials and livestock feed. They also proposed a production cycle in which materials are reprocessed in turn with zero resulting waste. We missed our first win in two years, but we were runners-up as we were last year.
   Under the same theme, the “Rice Cake” group proposed lunch boxes made of rice cake, on the basis that 45% of all waste plastic is packaging, 80% of household waste is plastic, and 14% of this plastic is not recycled. Besides, they explained that the rice cake, i.e. the box, can even be eaten as an after-dinner dessert and wasabi can be used to prevent mold.
Both teams proposed boxes that, while not so healthy for people, are very eco-friendly. ■
Author’s Impression:
   The proposals from all teams were innovative and all presentations sounded so interesting that they made me excited. Though we missed the first prize, I have no regrets because I did my best.
It was difficult for us to collaborate to make presentations and make proposals based on accurate data, I think that it is an essential skill for when you become a university student or an adult in the future, so WiDS is good for us students.  208 Shogo KOIKE

Robot Idea Koshien 2021

2022年3月10日 17時21分

   On  Desember 22nd, Matsuyama Minami HighSchool students attended " Robot Idea Koshien 2021 " in Ehime held at Taihou Sangyou. We saw Robots We don’t usually see, and we proposed new ideas for how to use Industrial Robots.
   At first, we attended a lecture from Mr. Jinno about " Significance of the Robot Koshien ", from Mr.Teraoku about " System Integrator's efforts ", and from Mr. Kobayashi about " Robots creation ". They told us about the future trends of the Robotics industry and their advice for the Robot Idea Koshien.
   After that, we visited many robots and experienced the near future. 
   Finally, we wrote a report about our own original idea. As a result of a review process, Yamato Kouchi, from Matsuyama Minami HighSchool won first prize and will participate in the Shikoku Tournament as a represent of Ehime prefecture.

   Six students participated in the Shikoku Tournament from four prefectures. I proposed a " Sign Language Translator " service robot that can enable hearing-impaired people to Communicate with other people freely. And Yamato Kouchi won first prize here too.

   Unfortunately, the National convention was canceled, but thanks to this experience, we were able to consider our own futures and the society of the future. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project!
                               Yamato Kouchi

Super High School Consortium

2022年3月7日 17時08分

   First and second grade students of our science and mathematics class took part in the Super High School Consortium on Friday, January 28th.
   The group “Negibou's” was the representative for assignments from second grade students, and gave a presentation that we are working on a daily basis at SSH with students from other schools. Also, we exchanged opinions and hold a question-and-answer session. We received many opinions, comments and questions from other school's students, which solved as food for thought fir future research.
In addition, another student of the science and mathematics class gave presentations about efforts to revitalize the local industry of high school students in the Chuyo region, in the middle part of Ehime Prefecture, efforts regarding the Under-15 Job Challenge of junior high school students and so on along with an exchange of opinions.
   Students of the science and mathematics class were able gain valuable experience that broadened them horizons using presentations from different fields through exchange of other school's students in this consortium.

Author’s Opinion: I think I was able to grow through interaction with people I am usually unable to get involved with. I would like to make use of this experience and continue to enjoy my research.  209 Sae SHINGU

Presentations in English

2022年3月7日 17時03分

   First grade students took part in a science workshop at school on the 27th January, 2022, inviting Dr. Sebastian Ritterbex, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theoretical and Computational Mineral Physics in Geodynamics Research Center of Ehime University. The research titles were as follows; “Research on the properties of tiles”, “Research on dyes of Ginkgo biloba”, and “Improving the Convenience of Flywheel-Based Wind Power Generation”
   Three groups made their presentations in English clearly and logically, which were splendid and quite impressive, and received high praise from participating researchers. It is hoped that students will make good use of today's experience so that it could become the foundation for the upcoming research events that students are expected to join this spring. Also, the students worked as moderators managed the workshop very smoothly so as to make it lively and productive. We are really proud of our students for their hard work and for today's success. We hope that students will keep up their good work and grow into prospective young researchers with brilliant scientific minds. 

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Sebastian Ritterbex, for his advice and support to our workshop. ■

Student’s Impression:
   We started presentations for our preparation later than intended, so we thought we wouldn’t be able to make it in time, but in the end we managed it. Also, since it was the first presentation we’ve ever given, we were very nervous, but we are glad to have been praised by so many teachers.
We appreciated the opportunity to announce our research to the audience. ~ NINOMIYA and HINO, Class 109

Marine NPO

2022年3月3日 07時24分

   On January 26th 2022, the “Marine Environment” program was held in association with Matsuyama Minami High School, NPO Ehime Volunteers for Educational Support, and Nagoya University. The event was attended by first and second grade students of our math and science courses. 
   First, Tomoji HATANO, Representative of the NPO, who planned and supported the organization of this program, gave us a talk about the current situation of the program.
Second, Dr. Joji ISHIZUKA, President of “Space and Earth Environment Laboratory” at  Nagoya University, gave a lecture about “Circumstances of the Ocean Environment viewed from Outer space, ~from Global Warming to Malnutrition in the Sea and Micro-plastics~.”  He mentioned what he was able to find by observing, researching, and analyzing the marine environment. Students were able to understand easily thanks to his explanations. Students who do not usually have a chance to consider the sea in detail were able to gain interest in the underwater environment, plankton, along with other relevant topics. During the question-and-answer session, students asked him many questions.
   Afterwards, presentations were given by each of three groups, made up of second grade students who have been researching Sea Environment. Their titles were as follows:
’’Eliminating the sea polluted substances by Negibozu’’ by Negibo’s group.
’’Changes in the catch of shellfish and northward migration in the sea near Japan’’ by Sea group.
“Adsorption of harmful substances to marine plastics’’ by the SSH Plastic group.
After their presentations, Dr. ISHIZUKA gave us concrete and pertinent comments and advice about them, which the students diligently noted down. ■

Author’s Impression:
   I enjoyed Dr. Ishizaka’s lecture very much. I’m doing a research project about the ocean environment, so that lecture was particularly interesting for me. I asked a question about different kinds of plankton to him and he answered it kindly. That made me very happy. I’m going to do my best in my future researching life. – 209 Riku OOMASA

Programming with Ethan

2022年3月3日 07時16分

   Since this year, our school has been conducting “International Joint Research on Programming and Robotics” in collaboration with Maryknoll High School in Hawaii.
After school on January 17th, 12 students from “Coding Team Minami” at our school participated in an online event hosted by Ethan Kimura, second-year student at Maryknoll and captain of their Coding Club.
   During the event, Ethan explained the development process of two games he made himself, and everyone was able to experience the true joy of programming.
Additionally, from our side we demonstrated a Python program written at our school, and received comments and feedback.
We look forward to further collaboration with Maryknoll High School, and hope (/aspire) to study and improve alongside them with their help. ■

   Firstly, thank you very much for collaborating with our school. I think that through this programme we can learn a lot about programming, and improve our English skills by communicating in English with American students.
   Furthermore, by having the chance to learn whether or not we as individuals enjoy programming, we can assist those students who want to study or work with it in the future.
Some Japanese students may have difficulties with communication due to the language barrier, but at our school we have a British assistant teacher along with bilingual foreign students, so I believe that we can complete this programme without any serious problems.
   I also think that we are all very much looking forward to working together with Maryknoll, and to making programming fun and easy for all the students.  209. ( SHEHROZ )

Space Engineering

2022年2月16日 18時16分

      On January 9th, the program "Space: The Ultimate Field Trip" (Space Engineering, Life in Space, etc.) was hosted at our school in collaboration with the Director of the Space Research Institute Grant Consortium at the University of Hawaii, Art Kimura and Rene Kimura. This year, we invited Miyazaki Prefectural Nobeoka High School and Yamaguchi Prefectural Shimonoseki West High School, and we three schools all took part in the program.

      From our school, 37 students from the 1st and 2nd grades of the regular courses and science and mathematics courses participated. Mr. Kimura explained the extraordinary and mysterious phenomena that occur when living in space in an easy-to-understand manner using demonstrations of scientific experiments. Although tending to seem difficult at first glance, learning about and understanding these mysterious phenomena is essential for the intellectual profession and space development technology, and life in space is established by applying basic scientific concepts as well as familiar technologies. We were able to see space in an up-close-and-personal way.

      After Mr. Art Kimura's presentation, a question and answer session on space was held, and all three schools asked questions about life in space. We students learned freely about life in space and the latest space-related news, along with a question-and-answer session held in English. Art Kimura praised us for the questions we asked. Through this initiative, we were able to strongly experience the contentment of grappling with challenges.■

Author’s Impression: It was interesting that the technology necessary for space development was already familiar to our lives.  So, I came to realize that the technology we know and regularly use can be useful for other things, and the technology we don't know how to use can be useful for almost anything. 209. Haruto IMAI

Science Club

2022年2月4日 06時59分

 As part of extracurricular lessons “Science Club” of the target science and mathematics first grade, the second training support science and mathematics teacher program was held. This program is a chance for students to promote future science and mathematics education, to get science and mathematics first grade students more interested in science, and for the program to become a place of learning for both students and teachers.
 Continuing from the first event in November, the topic of this second event was conducting experiments. The students discussed discoloration of anthocyanin from pancake mix ingredients. Since this time was a training session, we used pancakes prepared in advance, but next time let’s make pancakes with blueberry jam at home! ■
Author’s opinion: “This training was the first time I learned using food, which was a fresh experience.” ~ Keita MIYOSHI

Advanced Science Training

2022年2月4日 06時51分

 The advanced science training ~first day~
First year students of our department of science experienced this training. We were studying advanced science based on the theme of SSH. We report on this activity. We’ll make use of this experience and knowledge for research and finding our way in life.
〈first day 12/13: Shikoku Seiyo Geopark de STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)〉
 Shikoku Seiyo Geopark is a “Park of Earth” which has four hundred million years of history. The purposes of this park are conservation, education and geotourism. Students of our department of science don’t study geology, but we got to know the earth science and ecosystem in Ehime. So, we could learn a lot of science. This training was valuable for us.
・Lecture “About Shikoku Seiyo Geopark”(by Mr. Takahashi)
・Field trip to see fossils from the Jurassic era. (We saw fossils that are rare elsewhere in the world; one such type was “rudists,” for example “asari.”)
・Field trip to Anagami cave. (We saw three hundred Kikugashira bats.)
・Went to the Shikoku geo museum. (We touched the oldest rock in the world, Acastu Gneiss.
 Unlike Matsuyama City where we live, we came to know Seiyo City and were able to rediscover the charm of Ehime Prefecture.
〈second day 12/14〉
  Ehime University's Nanyo Fisheries Research Center, in collaboration with the town of Ainan, is conducting research aimed at the complete cultivation of "Ehime Suma" or sea bream.
 This session, Dr. Hidetaka Takeoka, the director of the center, gave a lecture on the bright future of the fishing industry and the "science mind". In the afternoon, we visited the laboratory, aquarium, and fishpond where students work hard day and night on their research.
 I was able to fully feel the appeal of the science of fisheries in the majestic nature of the Uwajima Sea.
 ・Lecture : Current status and future prospects of fisheries in Ehime, research and human resource development at the Nansui Research Institute, scientific thinking, etc.”
(Dr. Hidetaka Takeoka, the director of the center)
・ Visit to Funakoshi Station : We visited a state-of-the-art research facility.
・Visit to Nisiura Station (Umiraiku Ainan) : We observed the ontogeny of zebrafish in real time.
 By observing the large-scale laboratory equipment and advanced research contents of the Ehime University Minamiiyo Fisheries Research Center, expectations and hopes for the future course grew, and the motivation for SS has further increased.

SDGs in Minecraft! With Corona-era learning course about SDGs

2021年12月27日 16時34分

Organizer: Ehime University Environmental ESD Instructor Training Course
Joint Sponsorship: Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Minami High School “Ehime High School Students SDGs Meeting”

[The First Meeting]
(1) All-Genders Area
(2) SDGs School Area

 In the 3rd Year of the Reiwa Era, the Ehime High School SDGs (“sustainable development goals”) meeting was held. The first and second grade students participated in this meeting. This year, it was planned/organized by Ehime University students. We discussed “what we can do” and “what we want to change” with Prof. Osamu KOBAYASHI and five university students.

 Though Minecraft is a popular video game these days, it seems that it is being introduced in elementary schools in developed countries as a tool for learning programming. Since it seems to not yet have been introduced in higher education to a large/significant degree, we were only able to experience “advanced science.” Owing to Internet security reasons, students were not permitted to use their own PCs, however they were able to experience “SDGs in Minecraft” with university students’ PCs. ■

Author’s Opinion: Although it is a little difficult to consider SDGs as a personal problem, I thought it was interesting and easy to understand, because I could think about SDGs in the context of a virtual school built in Minecraft. I think it is important not only to verbalize what I think but also to be able to visualize it in order to find ways to solve the problem. (204 Rei MATSUMOTO)

a high school and university collaboration class

2021年12月27日 16時31分

   On November 18th and 25th in the afternoon, a high school and university collaboration class held by teachers at Ehime University was held for the second time this year.

   First grade science and mathematics class physics course “All About Plasma Energy”, by science and engineering class Prof. Tsunehiro MAEHARA.
First grade science and mathematics class biology course “Understanding viral infection from the basics, and activities at Ehime University Proteo Science Centre”, by Centre associate Prof. Hiroki TAKAHASHI.

   Second grade science and mathematics class Medical Life Science course “The origin of diseases caused by cell disorders, the significance of high school and university collaboration and total type selection” by medical class Prof. Junya MASUMOTO.
   Second grade science and mathematics class engineering course “The story of Earth-friendly hydrogen” by class Prof. Yoshiaki ITAGAKI.■

Author’s Opinion: We have been unable to visit the university on/for this collaboration class until now. We were taught clearly about the challenges we have faced, how to solve them, and the expected outcomes on each field as research progresses based on the content of each specialty. Our science and mathematics classmates were able to get a good chance to experience the significance of the research. We would like to thank the teachers at Ehime University. We were able to improve our own research ability, and [feel] the way of life in the future. (209 Hiroto OKA)

Bio Koshien

2021年12月27日 15時04分

   A group of third-year science and mathematics students studying butterflies received the Best Paper Award at Bio Koshien. 
   The organizers of the conference appreciated the format of the dissertation and the method of consideration by statistical processing. 
   Such an evaluation was a great encouragement for us. 
   Today , the scientists of tomorrow continue to fly like butterflies into the unknown. 
Topic: Observe butterfly flight from a morphological and ecological point of view 
Member: Ito Yuki , Osawa Rina , Toyooka Anna , Nanba Wakana  CLASS 309

The 35th Ehime Prefectural High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival

2021年12月27日 14時58分

   On November 20th, the Natural Sciences Division of the 35th Ehime Prefectural High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival was held. 18 students from class 209 participated, submitting 9 works in total. As a result, “Removal of Marine Pollution Substances by Negibouzu” (onion-head plants) won the excellence award, which is equivalent to the first place in the Chemistry category, and it will be recommended as a representative of Ehime Prefecture to the 46th National Cultural Festival to be held in Tokyo next year.

   However, including other teams of our school, during the question-and-answer session with teachers and students from other schools, I encountered a problem in how to summarise and present our research results. Despite the current situation where contests have been cancelled or held remotely due to the influence of the new coronavirus, this was the first opportunity for students to present their research to students from other schools, and they were unprecedentedly nervous, The teachers think that we can improve our research by gaining such experience and coming into contact with good presentations and works from other schools. They would like us to spend our time researching how to write a dissertation, collecting data that is still lacking, and summarising good research results.

Author’s Opinion:
 I received a lot of advice from teachers and students from other schools at this competition. From now on, I would like to make use of it to advance my own research and have more fun.(209 Yuha KITAMURA)

International Collaborative Research Team

2021年12月22日 07時02分

 On Sunday November 14th, we participated in this conference.  We exchanged our opinions and presented the results of the international joint research we have been conducting since this summer.  We seven first-year students from the chemistry and biology clubs gave our presentations and answered questions.  Although it was our first presentation, it was a good experience for the future.

 The Comparative study of water environment between Ehime and Hawaii

<Presentation students>
 Matsumoto Kaito・Imadzu Riku・Kanou Hibiki・Inada Tesshou・Mori Senato・Shiraishi Hikaru・Ito Fuua

Sea Treasure Academic Contest 2021

2021年12月13日 18時21分

   On Saturday, November 7th, the 3rd year ofReiwa, a presentation announcement and a Question-and-Answer session were heldat the “Sea Treasure Academic Contest 2021” national convention, sponsored byHokkaido University.

   The second-grade science and mathematicsresearch group at our school reached and participated in the finals, andreceived the National Treasure Award, the highest in the marine sciencecategory.

Author’s opinion: “This was a very splendid opportunity to win such a special award.  Thanks to this event, I have learned how toresearch and make our presentations more effective.  From now on, I will continue researching on thistopic more.” 209 FUJII Masato.

The Stars are Calling Us: the 20th annual Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery

2021年12月13日 18時14分

   On October 31st, forty students from ourhigh school took part in the virtual event of “The Stars are Calling Us: the 20thannual Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery.” This program has been conductedby Hawaii Space Grant Consortium in order to promote STEM education in schools,and is expected to develop the students’ scientific minds.

   Due to the time zone difference betweenMatsuyama and Hawaii, the program started as early as 07:00 local time. Despitethis, students attentively listened to lectures of the professors, and byjoining the program, they came to realize the importance of challengingthemselves with new things.



The Stars areCalling Us: the 20th annual Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery

Astronaut Megan McArthur from the International Space Station

Brianne Kehau Yamada, Power Supply Engineer, Design II, Hawaiian Electric

Shelee Kimura, Senior Vice President, Customer Service and Consumer Affairs,Hawaiʻian Electric

Governor David Ige, Governor, State of Hawaiʻi

Dr. Heather Kaluna, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, University of Hawaiʻi Hilo

Mini hands onSTEM Workshops:

Bernoulli: how things fly (Bryan Silver, Kalani High School)

Microgravity: why do you float in space? (Hawaii SpaceFlight Laboratory)

Chromatography: separating pigments (Dr. Kate Perrault,Chaminade University I am a Scientist program)

Forensic Science: Fingerprints (Cynthia Cheung, ChaminadeUniversity )

Chemistry of Butter (Dr. Francis Sakai-Kawada, Chaminade University )

Chemistry of Ice Cream (Dr. Kate Perrault, Chaminade University )

Squishy Circuits using dough (Hawaiian Electric)

Nature Math: Fibonacci Sequence (Ethan and Maya Kimura)

STEM Magic(Harvey Ouchi and Ron Ishimaru, Hawaii Magicians)

Data Science: Clustering your kitchen utensils (Dr. Laura Tipton,ChaminadeUniversity I am a Scientist program)

STEM stars

Amber Imai-Hong, Avionics Engineer, Hawaiʻi Space FlightLaboratory,University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Brialyn Onodera, Thermal Systems Engineer, National Solar Observatory,Maui

Nicole Yamase, PhD candidate, Marine Biology, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Christianne Izumigawa, Computer Engineer, Naval Information WarfareCenter 

Christina Felicitas, RF/Microwave Design Engineer, NorthrupGrumman,Redeondo Beach

Acomment from a student: On that day,scientists and research students of the university taught us the fun of sciencethrough various experiments and observation.  I was particularly interested in theexperiment that explained how rockets are able to fly.  This was explained straightforwardly bycomparing balloons to beach balls.  Atthe lecture, I was able to learn both the fun of space engineering and thenatural English spoken by native speakers, which was a valuable experience forme. Sakura KUBO, Class 106

The data marketing education program

2021年12月13日 18時06分

October 28th, 2021 

The data marketing education program that we have been working on forseven months with three companies FUJI, SEKI, TRUE DATA has finally reached the final round.

On Tuesday, October 26th, our school wasvisited by four representatives of FUJI Co. Ltd., including Director ONISHIFumikazu; three representatives of SEKI Co. Ltd., including C.E.O. SEKIHirotaka; and one representative of TRUE DATA Co. Ltd., Deputy Director ofAnalytical Solutions KARASUDANI Masahiro.

   On this day, the final announcement wasgiven.  From the purchase data, we firstdefined four target groups: group 1 as “elderly housewives who buy in bulk”,group 2 as “typical housewives of average age who shop in the morning”, group 3as “customers who like new products”, and group 4 as “those with long workinghours”.

   By reading trends from this data, wesubsequently derived four product groups: group1 as “cultured red sea breamcaught fresh in the morning”, group 2 as “fresh and seasonal vegetables”, group3 as “new snack products”, and group 4 as “karaage(Japanese fried chicken),shochu (Japanese spirit) cocktails, raw vegetable salad, and delicatessen.”

   By taking these factors into consideration,we implemented measures at FUJI’s “Fujiwara” store aimed to increase theirsales.  We compared the purchase data atthe store from before and after the introduction of these measures using an“analysis tree.”

   In response to each presentation, questionswere asked by YANO Kyoko, MIYAWAKI Masami and IWAMOTO Ryo from the SalesPlanning and Marketing department of FUJI Co. Ltd.; and by KARASUDANI Masahiro,Deputy Director of Analytical Solutions of TRUE DATA Co. Ltd.

   After the presentations of all the groupswere finished, we received comments from Director ONISHI Fumikazu of FUJI Co.Ltd., from President SEKI Hirotaka of Seki Co. Ltd., and from C.E.O. YONEKURAMasayuki of TRUE DATA Co. Ltd. Selected quotes include: “This effort does notseek a single correct answer,” “The important thing is how to make use of what younoticed in the process,” “It is important to talk not based on intuitions, buton evidence and data,” “It is crucial to reflect on what to do next,” “Theknow-how of what was and was not effective accumulates as data,” “On thisprogram, I think came in contact with the way of thinking of working people,and learned from it,” and “We create the future with data and wisdom.”

   This time the students gave a wonderfulpresentation as a culmination of the program, which started in March.  We would like to thank FUJI Co. Ltd., SEKICo. Ltd. and TRUE DATA Co. Ltd. for providing us with such a valuableopportunity.  I think that the studentswill make good use of this experience to further deepen their learning atuniversity, and revitalize Ehime prefecture in various ways by playing activeroles as human resources. 

   Author’s opinion: “Although I have some regrets, I am happy to have been able to make thefinal presentation successful in this way. Furthermore, we are grateful for the opportunity when we can learn “datamarketing.”  I am sure that thisexperience will be a great help when I work on the data marketing project. 208 KOIKE Shogo

Interim Presentation

2021年12月13日 17時57分

Reiwa Year 3, on Sunday October 24th,we discussed the experiment at data with Waipahu High School students in Hawaii(4 students), who are conducting international research on purification ofwater, for a period of one hour. Uwajima Higashi High School Students6 students,who have engaged in international relationwith Hawaii.  After they explained the experimentaldata from each country, a question and answer session was held.  Our High School students asked questions proactivelyabout the followings: COD value increase at the downstream in Kapakahi River inHawaii after rain, and the reason why TH value tends to increase, and so on.  This research will be summarized in a paperand exhibited in a domestic contest.  Fromnow on, we will discuss the topic again, continuing to conduct experiments forthe international contest held next year in December.


Impression:This discussion was a valuable experiencefor me.  It was the first time for me tospeak English outside of class.  So I wasvery nervous.  However, Uwajima HigashiHigh School students were smiling and friendly.  I was surprised to see that they are alsousing plants to tackle water issues.  I thoughtit was an interesting idea.  We'll do ourbest, too. ― Kaio Matsumoto, Class 109

creating a presentation for the final phase

2021年12月8日 07時12分

 On Tuesday, October 19th, our school was visited by representatives of FUJI Corporation, Ms. MIYAWAKI and Mr. IWAMOTO from Sales Planning and Marketing, and of SEKI Corporation, Mr. AKAO from the Information Service Industry Promotion Office and Mr. MORIOKA from the Corporate Planning Department.
 The content of the day was “creating a presentation for the final phase.”  Building on the previous lecture “on a method of verifying effects from numerical values,” we were instructed on various topics, using the purchase data provided to determine growth rate, by comparing with prior growth rates and the growth rates of comparable stores.  Analysis was performed on the number of customers from the number of receipts, category purchase rates, and other customer data, which was summarized in the presentation.  We also examined the sales at the store where our students carried out data collection.
 Ms. MIYAWAKI and Mr. IWAMOTO advised us on any matters we did not understand or were unsure of while putting the presentation together.  We are grateful that you continued to answer some of our questions even after having exceeded the scheduled time.  The program started in March, and our next meeting will be the final one.  As a culmination of the program, we hope to give a good presentation then. 
Author’s opinion; “I really appreciate all the instructors of this program for their efforts.  I will make use of what I have learned during these months after my school life.”  207 SHIMIZU Hono 

WiDS HIROSHIMA Ideathon2021

2021年12月8日 07時09分

 Two teams from our school were selected as finalists in the “WiDS HIROSHIMA Ideathon2021”, a collaboration between industry, government and academia; including Hiroshima Prefecture itself, Hiroshima University and related companies. 
 WiDS is an abbreviation for “Women in Data Science,”an initiative led by the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Staford University in the U.S., which aims to “foster human resources who will be active in the field of data science, regardless of gender.” 
 On Sunday October 17th, the WiDS HIROSHIMA Ideathon 2021 “Pre-Advice” session was held, with the attendants including 9 students from our school who will participate in the finals. 
 After showing the announcement materials and our presentation, we were advised by Ms. SAGA Yukiko, the WiDS HIROSHIMA Ambassador on various topics, including methods of showing data and how to make presentation slides. Based on this advice, we would like to further improve our presentation for the finals. 
 WiDS HIROSHIMA Ideathon 2021 can be viewed online.  Please register in advance, and we thank you for your support. 
   Student’s Opinion: “I’m glad that we were able to participate in this event because it helped make our issues much more clear. Mrs. SAGA gave us specific information on which kinds of presentation are easy to read, and what kinds of data are persuasive. I’m going to work hard for the main competition in January!”-SENBA, Class 201  
   Student’s Opinion: “The most difficult aspect of creating presentation materials was deciding on the kind of data to use to create the graphs. Instead of just arranging the quoted data, I tried to create more profound materials by combining multiple kinds of data. I would like to go forward making presentations that are clear and easy to understand.” -NISHIDA, Class 201 

Gather! Science Girls

2021年12月8日 07時06分

 On October 16th, the 4th science research presentation exchange convention for female students “Gather! Science Girls” was held ― a competition across Shikoku, sponsored by Notre Dame Gakuen high school.  Twelve female students from our school participated, giving presentations in five groups.

 The male students participated enthusiastically in the question-and-answer session.

 The participating schools were: Notre Dame Seishin Gakuen Girls’ High School (2) and Junior High School (1), Ehime Prefectural Saijo High School (3), Ehime Prefectural Imabari Nishi High School (1), Ehime University Affiliated High School (1), Ehime Prefectural Uwajima Higashi High School (2), Niihama Technical College (1), Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Minami High School (5); 16 groups in total.■

Author’s opinion: “Although it was difficult for me to deepen our research, I managed to complete with my group members effectively.  I feel very happy to have joined such a precious session.”  209 JOKO Lisa 

October 14th (2021)

2021年12月1日 07時13分

 On Thursday October 14th (2021), an interim SSH meeting was held here at Matsuyama Minami high school. Second-year students on the science and mathematics course participated alongside general-course students, and were advised by management instruction   teachers, who assisted with our problems and helped clarify the directions of research of our research.

Author’s opinion:  “We felt very nervous when giving our presentations in front of the audience, but were relieved to have performed well. In addition, we received much useful advice from many teachers and learned a great deal.  We would like to apply what we have learned to our future research.” - Minto HAMADA, Class 208

The 14th Data Marketing Meeting

2021年12月1日 07時07分

 On Friday October 8th, the 14th data marketing meeting was held with guests from three companies. C.E.O.
Masahiko KARASUDANI from True Data Corp. and Section Chief Masahiko AKAO from SEKI Corp. participated in person at our school, whereas Director Fumikazu ONISHI from FUJI Corp. participated online through ZOOM.
 On the day, Messrs. KARASUDANI and NOMURA gave a lecture on “How to inspect effects using numbers.”
  At the next presentation session, we will summarize the analysis of the purchase data provided in this session as preparation for the final session, where we will analyze the change in growth rate at stores before and after implementation of the discussed strategies, using receipts and other purchase data of the items sold. ■

Author’s opinion:  “We have had a precious experience during this marketing course.  I want to do my best for the final presentation with all of my teammates!”= Kotaro SEKI, Class 209


2021年10月17日 15時36分

 On Tuesday, September 28th, a lecture meeting was held as Data-Science-Ⅱ class, which is set as our school own subject for second year students of a general course.  Today, this lecture was held for 154 students, who are studying researching assignments of the humanities arts or social science.
 An Associate Professor Naoshi YAMAMOTO, who are of Department of Regional Resource Management and Faculty of Social Co-Creation in Ehime University, gave a lecture on the theme of "Introduction of Social Science Data Science in the Field of Sports".  He talked about "Methods of Analysis", "Methods for Selecting Information", and "Attitudes for Handling Data," based on his own research.  His phrase "Data can have a huge impact on the decision-making of each person who saw them." gave a big impact on us.

 We learned the importance of collecting right data and how to analyze them properly.  It was a very interesting lecture.  Thank you, Mr. Yamamoto.  (204HR Miia ONO )


2021年10月17日 15時32分

 In the class of "Data-Science” of 22nd, September, I attended the online lecture of Associate professor, Mr. Himeno of Shiga University.  The topic was, "Introduction to data science".  In the class, I learned about basic skills related to data science, such as how data science is used in society, and how to analyze and visualize data for research use.

 By attending the class, I was able to understand the effective use of data science.  I was particularly interested in the topic because I can adopt what I learned today to improve my current research project.  I will work hard on the project by making good use of the knowledge from today’s lecture.  ( 106HR  Kimura Honoka )

a high school-university collaborative class

2021年10月17日 15時28分

 On Thursday September 16th, a high school-university collaborative class was held in collaboration with Ehime University as a lesson of “Super Science” during the time of the school setting subject “Super Science” for the 1st and 2nd grades of science and mathematics.  Two courses in the fields of chemistry and earth science are offered to the first year students, and two courses in the fields of agriculture and mathematics are to the second year students.
 Each student joined a lecture while using their own PCs.
 The followings are the lectures.
〇1st year chemistry field   Prof. Tatsuya KUNISUE from Geodynamic Research Center
  Title: “Endocrine disrupting chemicals”
〇1st year geoscience field  Prof. Masano KAMEYAMA from Geodynamic Research Cente
  Title: “The planet Body Earth Planetary Physics”
〇2nd year Agriculture field  Prof. Kotaro TAKAYAMA
  Title: “The Method for easing products of food with analyzing skills”
〇2nd year Mathematics field Prof. Takamitsu YAMAUCHI.
  Title: “Real number and Infinistimal fraction”

 They talked about cutting-edge scientific researches and technological developments that are not usually known.  We are very interested in each content of the lecture.  I felt a lot of fun to know a lot of researches and scholarship.   ( Mikawa )

the 7th period, a data science lecture

2021年10月5日 16時17分

 On Tuesday, September 14th, the 7th period, a data science lecture was held for second-year students in the general course and science and mathematics course. In collaboration with Center for Data Science, Ehime University (CDSE), we are working to improve the quality of research on issues.

    This time, two professors from Ehime University gave lectures to us.
First, Professor Naomichi FUJIUCHI, Graduate School of Agriculture in Ehime University, gave a basic knowledge of statistical processing methods when dealing with data under the theme of "Survey on the growth of plant-grown tomatoes: comparison and modeling".
    Second, Professor Yoshihiro MIYAKE, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine of Graduate School of Medicine in Ehime University, gave a lecture on the role of data science in epidemiological research and how to analyze data under the theme of "What is epidemiological research?"

    In addition to learning how to analyze in an easy-to-understand manner, I was able to learn specifically about the roles that data science plays in the world.
I will firmly use this method in future researches.
    It was an interesting lecture, in which various information based on data and research, was obtained.  And we came to know the concrete importance of data science. (204class Aya Matsumoto)

the 13th program for data marketing

2021年10月5日 16時12分

On August 31st (Tuesday) the 13th program for data marketing was held online at school.
 Three people from True Data Analytics Solutions, including Deputy Director Masahiko KARASUDANI, two people from FUJI Corp. Ltd., including Chief Executive Fumikazu ONISHI, and three people from SEKI Corp. Ltd., including President Hiroshi SEKI joined us online.
 Masahiko KARASUDANI and Koshiro NOMURA from True Data Analytics Solutions Division gave us a lecture: "Explanation for Final Announcement".
Its contents are following.
 ①The Outline of the implemented measures
 ②Explanations of implemented measures and usage of the sales floor
 ③To analyze factors on effectiveness and policies, of target products, the measures to the whole store, and target customer types using decomposition tree
 ④Conclusion and Improvements in measures
 ⑤How do we feel about the 7-month effort?
 Toward the final announcement, we try to summarize and explain the outline of the implemented measures and the sales floor as presentation.  After that, our analysis of the purchase data will be completed.  In early October, regarding the measures taken by the students, we will conduct factor-analysis of the whole store, target customer types, and target products using those data.  I'm looking forward to seeing how such measures taken by the students have changed its sales.  Next time, we will summarize and explain the data.

 I'm glad the measures ended safely.  Based on what I heard of this lecture, I would like to do my best to analyze them. (207 Masahiro YAMANE)

online competition

2021年9月13日 16時35分

  Four research teams from our school participated in online competition that was held on Wednesday, August 18.  We didn’t win any prizes, but it was a good opportunity to find out what was necessary.  We want to make use of what we learned this time in future contests.  On the other hand, first and second year students watched this on video. 

Presentation(video distribution)
 ・Energy-saving Flight in the structure of butterfly wings (Toyooka Anna, Ito Yuki, Osawa Rina, Nanba Wakana)

Poster Presentation (in a magazine)
 ・Wearing problems analysis (Tamai Hirohumi)
 ・Anti-allergy effects of anthocyanin ~with monasaccharides and myoinositol~(Odamura Rimi, Tachibana Madoka, Miyaoka Aina)
 ・Learning ability of Cynops Pyrrhoagaster using color vision (Ieyama Koki, Shimada Sana, Mizuno Karen)

  It looked like a baton was being handed over from the seniors to the juniors.  We are looking forward to the success of our juniors in the future.  (309HR Nanba Wakana)


2021年9月13日 16時33分

  At the Social co-creation Contest 2021(sponsored by the Faculty of Social co-creation,Ehime University),the third-year science and mathematics course students,”Light Interference Group”,won second prize in research,inquiry,and DS categories.
  The research theme was”Potentialities of Iyokasuri given by comparing reactions of three kinds of cloth to the force,using the interference of laser light”(Yume Ninomiya,Wataru Katakami,Syouma Kunita,Sakura Sasaki).
  Iyokasuri,which originated in Matsuyama City,is declining in production due to westernization of daily life.We spent two years researching only to discover the hidden potential of Iyokasuri from a physical point ofview,which is different from the previous cultural and historical points of view.
  On the afternoon of August 3,Professor Soga of Ehime University visited the school and the award ceremony was held.We received a certificate,made of Basho Washi which developed by the Faculty of Social co-creation,Ehime University.After the award ceremony,we had a short roundtable discussion with Professor Soga to talk about the difficulties in research and our personal school life.
  Encouraged by this result,we will do our best to make our high school life even more fulfilling.
  We are very happy to be able to win an award for the research we have been doing.

7.31 Ehime Prefectural High School Cultural Federation

2021年9月13日 16時29分

An award for good effort in the Science Division at the 45th National High School Culture Festival!
   From July 31 (Sat.) to August 2 (Mon.), 2021, the 45th National High School Festival Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021, was held.  And we, Tobeyaki Gingkoes, participated in the research presentation contest as representatives of Ehime Prefecture. 
  Under the title of "High School Students' New Ideas for Glazes: Research on Blue Glazes Using Gingko Ash," we presented the results of our research conducted over the past two years.  During the presentations by other schools, we were able to ask questions, talk about various topics, and have deep exchanges, which gave us a lot of experience. 
  As a result, we were awarded the award for good effort (equivalent to fourth place) in the Chemistry Division for our research presentation. 

  I felt very happy to be able to present the results of my research, which had been carried out with the cooperation of many people, on such a prestigious stage.  From now on, I would like to compile my research and challenge myself in the future.  Thank you very much! 
(309HR Rei Onishi)  

Advanced Science Researches for Junior High School students

2021年9月13日 16時25分

  On July 26th to 28th, during consecutive three days, Advanced Science Researches for Junior High School students were held.  130 junior high school students from 54 junior high schools and their 57guradians attended.  They chose two from four researches ― physics, chemistry, biology and earth science ― and joined inquiry activities.
Physics area: Measure the period of a pendulum using an optical sensor.
     Chemistry area: Have an experience about the ultra-low temperature.
     Biology area: The eyes and brain are connected? Perform experiences about how brains work.
     Earth science area: Observe the crystals and make a jewel soap.
     We, second-year students of Science and Mathematics course, emphasized features of our course and help junior high school students join the activities as TA.

     I am very glad to know how energetic they are. (209 Reira OCHI)

In cooperation with the Ehime Prefecture High School Cultural Federation

2021年9月13日 16時21分

July 24th    Ehime Prefectural High School Cultural Federation   Science Research Workshop
  In cooperation with the Ehime Prefectural High School Cultural Federation's Natural Science Division, Ehime Science Research Workshop was held at our school, with 154 students and 25 teachers from 13 schools in Ehime Prefecture.  It was as an exciting workshop as last year.  From our school, 24 students from the general course from the math-science course, and one teacher participated in the workshop.  
  Mr. Seiji Shigematsu, a vice principal of our school, gave a lecture and practical training on the theme of "The Key to Finding and Solving Problems".  Participating students from each school thought about the issues raised, presented their ideas online and interacted with other schools. 
  The representative groups that will participate in the National Cultural Festival gave presentations on their research projects and answered questions.  From our school, the third-year science and mathematics course students, Tobe-Yaki Ginnans, who are representatives of Ehime Prefecture in the division of chemistry, presented their research and answered questions. 
  Participating schools: Niihama Minami High School, Saijo High School, Komatsu High School, Imabari Nishi High School, Imabari Kita High School, Matsuyama Minami High School, Matsuyama Central High School, Matsuyama Commercial High School, Toon High School, Ozu High School, Uwajima Higashi High School, Ehime University High School, Saibi High School 
  It was a meaningful time before the National Convention. The comments I received were very useful.  I also enjoyed interacting with other presenting schools.  There was a lot to learn.  I would like to continue to work hard in the future.     ( 309HR Matsuura Rune) 

The Super Science High school exchange meeting

2021年9月13日 16時16分

  On Monday, July 18, the Super Science High school exchange meeting was held at school.
  All students in Science and Mathematics course gathered and took consecutive two classes to talk about Advanced Science trainings last December and give an guidance of a yearly school schedule to freshmen.
  On the latter, we, sophomores, gave Poster Presentations on our researches to freshmen, seniors, and teachers of Management and Direction Committee and received several severe questions and much meaningful advice from teachers of MDC.
  Using these useful advice and proposals, we will improve my research to win prize in High School Culture Festival in Ehime prefecture.
  I am really glad to get such gentle and useful advice from juniors and teachers.
(209HR Yuya OTA)

July 24th Ehime Prefectural High School Cultural Federation Science Research Workshop

2021年9月7日 17時47分

   In cooperation with the Ehime Prefectural High School Cultural Federation's Natural Science Division, Ehime Science Research Workshop was held at our school, with 154 students and 25 teachers from 13 schools in Ehime Prefecture.  It was as an exciting workshop as last year.  From our school, 24 students from the general course from the science mathematics course, and one teacher participated in the workshop.  
   Mr. Seiji Shigematsu, vice principal of our school, gave a lecture and practical training on the theme of "The Key to Finding and Solving Problems".  Participating students from each school thought about the issues raised, presented their ideas online and interacted with other schools. 
   The representative groups that will participate in the National Cultural Festival gave presentations on their research projects and answered questions.  From our school, the third-year science and mathematics course students, Tobe-Yaki Ginnans, who are representatives of Ehime Prefecture in the division of chemistry, presented their research and answered questions. 
    Participating schools: Niihama Minami High School, Saijo High School, Komatsu High School, Imabari Nishi High School, Imabari Kita High School, Matsuyama Minami High School, Matsuyama Central High School, Matsuyama Commercial High School, Toon High School, Ozu High School, Uwajima Higashi High School, Ehime University High School, Saibi High School 
    It was a meaningful time before the National Convention. The comments I received were very useful.  I also enjoyed interacting with other presenting schools.  There was a lot to learn.  I would like to continue to work hard in the future.  
   ( 309HR Matsuura Rune) 

Poster Competition 2020-2021 in JAPAN

2021年8月24日 07時58分

 The poster made by three members including me won the first prize in “ISLP International Poster Competition 2020-2021 in JAPAN”.  And it was selected as a representative of Japan in the world competition.
 Our team thought about how to revitalize agriculture in Ehime prefecture from the data science, titled “Attractive Ehime Project.”  Our research started by analyzing a lot of data on agriculture in Ehime.  After analyzing the numerical value, five points were given as current issues, which are “Transition of Orange’s production in Ehime,” “Ehime’s output ranking,” “Transition of the number of agricultural workers of Ehime,” “The average age of agricultural workers,” an d “The employment rate of the disabled in Ehime, the first year of Reiwa era.”  Then we hit upon hydroponics as an effective measure in solving these issues.  Hydroponics is one of the methods for agriculture which is attracting attentions because it does not use the soil, so it is easy to replant, get stable production, and many other advantages.
 We thought that this might be an opportunity to think about diversity regardless of conventional agriculture such as citrus cultivation.  Moreover, we thought that it would be possible to promote the land use of closed schools because it can be used at low cost and the employment of people with disabilities because it would be easy to work and adjust heights of stands. 
 In addition, considering the feasibility, we specifically proposed the form of factory operation in collaboration with public institutions and the ideal land for building a factory.
 We believe that the development of such agricultural normalization should lead Ehime to the prefecture where agriculture is active and attractive.

 This was my first time working on data science, and I had a lot of trouble.  Thanks to supports from teachers and team members, our team was able to receive a wonderful award.  Thank all of people who helped me a lot for giving me a valuable experience. (204, Sae MATSUNAGA)

July 18

2021年8月24日 07時55分

   On Sunday, July 18, we the fifth SSH students, who are “germinated brown rice team,” visited a laboratory of Dr. Moeka ISHIDA, who is assistant professor of Graduate School of Agriculture at Ehime University and our graduate of the second period SSH.
   Dr. ISHIDA belongs to the field of animal cell engineering education, which specializes in bio-engineering, and studies the functionary of food not only for animal cells but also for ones in experimental animals and human beings.  We have been conducting task research and receiving experimental guidance from members of Dr. ISHIDA’s laboratory.
   In order to avoid COVID-19, we had been taught online, but this time we were very glad to actually visit her laboratory.
   When I first visited there, I was surprised to find many research posters was on the wall in front of the laboratory.  And I was also moved to learn once again that many foods are being studied for their functionary.  Afterwards, we did conduct a protein quantification experiment after hearing the explanation of the results.  I really appreciated their sparing a lot of time to teach us despite their busy schedule.  Especially Dr. ISHIDA showed us cell culture experiments.  I could full-scale experiment up close and I almost forget the time went by.

   I thought it was a very valuable experience to be able to receive research guidance from our graduates.  I really envy SSH students because I am in the general course.
( 205 Karin MATSUOKA )


2021年8月24日 07時53分

   I took part online when FESTAT 2020 kicked off.  Prof. Matsuo Yutaka at Tokyo University gave us a lecture titled “the likelihood and future of AI and data science”.  The lecture made me think about the necessity of data in the world, which can be used in various situations.  Furthermore, not only the lecture but also presentations were held.

   I could have a very good time.  I will do my best in the next presentation.    ( 305HR  TSUGUEDA SARA )

July 6th

2021年8月24日 07時48分

   On Wednesday, July 6th, a meeting was hosted by Ochanomizu University Senior High School.  we listened to Dr. Frankie Zhu’s lecture on Space Exploration, Robots and Female Science Researchers’ Career paths. 
    Five schools, Ochanomizu University Senior High School, Gunma Prefectural Maebashi Girls’ Senior High school, Tochigi Prefectural Utsunomiya Girls’ Senior High school, Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya Girls’ Senior High school and our school, participated in it. Not only the girls but the boys from our school asked questions about her experience and life as a researcher actively. 
     We had a wonderful time.   ( 309  Rimi Odamura ) 

Data Marketing Program 11

2021年8月3日 17時28分

 On Tuesday, July 6th, the 11th lecture for Data-Marketing Program in collaboration with Companies was held.  Six staff members from FUJI Co. Ltd., including Executive Director Fumikazu ONISHI and 3 staff members from SEKI Co. Ltd., including President Hirotaka SEKI, two staff members from True Data in Tokyo, including Analytics Solutions Department Deputy Director Masahiko KARASUDANI came to our school.  We analyzed big data of Fujiwara branch of FUJI and our four groups announced own sales promotion measures for its sales floor.
 After our each presentation of measures, staff members asked us important questions about the issues and gave useful advice to our presentation.  We will be revising our measures from now on, and at the end of July, we will verify implementations of measures for four sales floors, which we have been considering.
After this lecture, each company staff member stayed at school and gave us extra lessons for further efforts for Data-Marketing Program.

 First of all, I am grateful for the valuable experience.  And I really enjoyed this project.  I also changed my thinking about my future a little through this project.  ( 203 Yui OKAMOTO )

Data Marketing Program 10

2021年8月3日 17時24分

 On Friday, July 2, four staff members from FUJI Corp. Ltd., including Executive Fumikazu ONISHI, four staff members from SEKI Corp. Ltd., including President Hirotaka SEKI and two staff members from True Data Corp. Ltd., including Mr. KARASTDANI, who was one of the advisers of previous meetings came to our school and held the third seminar for us.
 First, MS YANO, section chief of Selling and Marketing plans of FUJI Corp. Ltd., and MS MIYAWAKI showed us some examples about how to give suggestions such as; Where, How, and Who we should give coupons for specialties to “Actual Summer! Let’s enjoy our life with shochu.”
 Secondly, Mr. KARASYDANI directed us with detailed issues about plans for sales promotion that each group thought. Finally, we were divided into some groups and thought about steps to think actions at the point of 5W1H’s views with advices from staff members.
 Today’s lecture lasted over three hours and we felt difficulties in hitting upon ideas but we got interested in producing ideas with team members.

 Next time, on Tuesday, July 6, we are going to present ideas which we have thought.
I will try to create idea with thinking about customers of FUJI. ( 204 Miia ONO )

Data Marketing Program 9

2021年8月3日 17時18分

 On Tuesday, June 22, four staff members from FUJI Co, LTD. including Executive Fumikazu ONISHI, and two members form SEKI Co LTD, including Information Service Business Promotion Office Manager Masahiko AKAO came to Matsuyama Minami High school for this successive meeting.  This time was “Opinion exchange meeting for policy creation.”

 At first, ‘Sales Planning,’ ‘Marketing Department,’ ‘Sales Promotion,’ and ‘Marketing Department’ Manager MS YANO from FUJI Co, LTD and Mr. MIYAWAKI explained the following.  “Purchasing data” about Sales data by category” “Disassembled tree by sales.”  They were changed into the simple data that students can understand easily, and explained in detail how to make “Disassembled tree by sales,” “Appeal keyword,” and “For the action using 5W1H from Step to When category”

 I think that we could make the data easier to read and think of a better idea than before.
I would like to further improve the plan and do my best to increase sales.
  ( 205 Kokomi NAKASUKA )

July12, 2021 Ochanomizu University

2021年8月3日 17時14分

 An exchange of scientific ideas by female students collaboration between Ochanomizu University High School and Matsuyama Minami High School.  Research presentations on three themes by each school took place, and female students exchanged their ideas.  Also, three university students from Ochanomizu University (2 graduates from Ochanomizu University High School and 1 graduate from Matsuyama Minami High School) participated as advisors and gave us a lot of advice.  We would like to continue to promote such collaborations.  We are grateful to all the participants from Ochanomizu University High School and Ochanomizu University. 
 The themes of research presentations at Ochanomizu University High School
 ①Fujiwara no teika’s poetic world and his orientation
 ②Study of long-term diving of red-eared slider
 ③Blueberry power generation and  electrolyte ~Dye-sensitized solar cell~
The themes of research presentations at Matsuyama Minami High School
 ①Comparison of physical properties of fabrics using laser light interference
 ②Establishment of a method for quantifying ascorbic acid contained in spinach
 ③Possibility of energy-saving flight seen from the wings of butterflies

 (309HR Sawahara Nia) 

Chugoku Shikoku Zoological Presentations

2021年7月29日 16時47分

Chugoku Shikoku Zoological Presentations for senior high school students
 The following presentation teams received the award for excellence in the field of zoology at a competition held online on June 19th and June 20th.  We used a presentation tool called Line Biz for presentations and had a question-and-answer session with the university professors and the graduate students.  The content of our presentation was highly praised, which was encouraging for the future.  We want to do our best to make a better presentation for the next tournament. 

Matsunan Butterfly Team 
(Toyooka Anna, Ito Yuki, Nanba Wakana and Osawa Rina) 
“Possibility of energy saving flight seen from the wings of butterflies”  

 Though there is still room for improvement, we want to continue this research enjoying spending our time studying.  (309HR Osawa Rina) 

Data Marketing Program 8 “Exchange of opinions for policy creation 1”

2021年7月29日 07時12分

 On Friday, June 18, we had four people from Fuji Corp. Ltd., including Executive Fumikazu ONISHI, and three people from Seki Corp. Ltd., including Information Service Business Promotion Office Manager Masahiko AKAO, who came to our school.  Through ZOOM, we also had three participants from True Data Corp., including Masahiko TORITANI, who is Second Director of Analytics Solutions Department, and President Hirotaka SEKI and Creative Director Shota IZUMI from Seki Corp.  Today, “exchange of opinions 1” was held to prepare measures.
 Based on the contents of the lecture so far, we analyzed “Purchase data of customer types,” “Purchase data of product department for each group’s customer type,” “How many times a day or a week customers visit to purchase.”  Also, based on the data of the monthly sales decomposition tree of the relevant store, we concluded “Sales decomposition tree,” “Steps for actions, thinking 5W1H concept,” “Appeal keyword.”  During this session, we asked advisers some questions to improve our ideas.  Our measures are still on the way, but we announced what we thought today in about three minutes.
 Next time, we will continue to hold an exchange of opinions 2 for the creation of measures.

 I had difficulty reading the data, but thanks to a lot of people, I was able to get the work done. ( 203  Mai WATANABE )

Data Marketing Program 7

2021年7月29日 07時08分

 On Tuesday, June 15th, Kyoko YANO chief director and three other staff members, Promotion Sales and Marketing Division of Fuji Inc., and Masahiko AKAO chief director and two other staff members, Information Services Promotion Division of Seki Inc., came to our school. Also, with ZOOM, Mr. KARASUDANI Deputy Director of True Data Analytics Solutions, Inc., Fumikazu ONISHI Executive Director of Fuji Inc., Hirotaka SEKI President of Seki Corporation, and Mr. SHIRAISHI, a graduate of our school and student of Tokyo University, participated in this meeting online.

 Today's lecture was given by Mr. KARASUDABU, Deputy Director of True Data Analytics Solutions, Inc., on measures to improve sales based on purchase data.  The contents of this lecture were ①Key Performance Indicator settings, ②Sales analysis tree, ③Considering customer-contact points at 5W1H, ④Steps for action, ⑤Keywords for product appeal, and ⑥·Examples of AI-based comments for applications

 We were given an example and he explained to us the sales analysis tree, the steps for action, the categories of trend loading, and keywords for product-appeal.  Then we created a sales analysis tree based on the customer profile we created so far, and thought about why, what, when, where, and how (to have customers purchase) as action steps to increase the number of purchases.

 From now on, we will further discuss "Sales Analysis Tree", "Steps for Action in 5W1H" and "Appealing Keywords" based on the purchase data of each customer type.  And we will analyze what day of the week, what time zone of the day, and what kind of policy to customers is better to increase the number of customer-visits and purchases based on the contents of the previous lectures on promotional activities. Finally, we will consider target and product department that each section has been in charge of.

 Next time, we will hold an exchange meeting with three companies where students can discuss questions while considering measures.

 I was surprised that I could read a lot of things from the purchase data, and it could be schematically represented as an analysis tree.  I would like to take advantage of what I was taught in the lecture and think about measures.   (202 Ryoya IKEDA)


Data Marketing Program 6

2021年7月29日 07時02分

 This year, Matsuyama Minami High school has been doing the Data Marketing Program cooperating with FUJI Co LTD, SEKI Co LTD and True Data Co LTD. (From 2021/03 to 2021/10)
 On Tuesday, June 8, the sixth seminar was held with four staff members from FUJI Co, LTD including Executive Fumikazu ONISHI and three staff members form SEKI Co LTD including President Hirotaka SEKI. Also through ZOOM, four staff members form True Data Co LTD including Mr. KARASUDANI and Mr. IZUMI, who were advisers of the fifth seminar, and Mr. SHIRAISHI, a graduate of our high school and student of Tokyo University.  This time, the lectures on “Retail Promotion” were done by Ms. Yano and Mr. Iwamoto.

 The contents of the lecture are following:

 “Retail Promotion” about ‘The role of Promotion about retail,’ ‘Kinds and features about Promotion,’ ‘The relationships between sales floor and Promotion,’ and ‘Measures.’

 “Targets” to ‘Announcement to Customer Types,’ ‘Categories of goods,’ ‘Which group to handle,’ ‘Reasons, features and Suggestions about customer types which we should aim at,’ ‘Current Status of Promotion at the stores,’

 The role of Promotion about retail is following:
 Acknowledge → Interest / Concern → Comparison / Consideration → Select.

 Mr. Iwamoto taught us that these approaches are very important while we are thinking about the relationships with our customers, using a procedure of falling in love as an example.
 When he talked about ”Kinds and features about Promotion,” he showed us Flyers, DMs, receipts, POP advertisements, HP, SNS, and real fruits, which are really using at a store.  And he added advantages and disadvantages about those things.
When he talked about “The relationship between sales floor and Promotion,”  he explained to us "classic," "end," "flatbed," "exhibition hall," "overhang," "menus," "flyers and sales floors," "digital devices and sale floors."  What matters most is customers have interest in our store.
 When we use some “Measures,” without enough preparation, these will not bring good results. They told us that we should think about measures carefully.

 Next time, we will have a lecture on "The contents about field work," which will be given by a staff member of True Data Co LTD.  And we will put our plans into practice at a store.

 I couldn’t read the data at all at first. However I was able to read the date because thanks to the many people who taught me and cooperated with the group. I want to do my best. (203 Kanato ONISHI)


2021年6月16日 07時25分