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“Tobitate!” Leap for Tomorrow, Young Ambassador Program ~ Report ③ ~

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    I chose “Digital Animation & Motion Graphics” this week.  In the class we learned basics of an animation and effects such as fonts and made a short movie in pair.  Then we showed the movie each other and exchanged ideas and advice.  Everyone gave their advice one after another.  We could have a good discussion.
    We visited “Connecticut Science Center” in a workshop.  There was a human anatomical model.  It feels so real and made us excited.  We could observe muscles, blood vessels, bones, and so on.  I had homework about it.  But I couldn’t understand science terms because they were English.  I could understand meanings of questions.  But I had difficulties in writing answers.  In Space area, there were some places where we could watch a movie like seeing samples of food weight in space and a planetarium.
  My roommate was a Chinese girl who lives in California.  We folded origami together and talked about our own mother languages.  She was very interested in Japanese and practiced writing Hiragana and Katakana.  We taught meanings of kanji each other because some kanji have different meanings between Chinese and Japanese.  We also had a nice chat about our schools.  We learned differences of each school.
  In Ambassador activity, I performed a demonstration of a tea ceremony for my friends and had them experience some Japanese cultures.  Everyone was so happy.
  The fourth week is the last week of “Uconn Pre-College Summer.”  I am going to take a “Pharmacy: Explore the Field ”class.
   (204HR    Jane Does)
  External appearance of UConn Health Center
  Performing a tea ceremony