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July 27th (Sat)

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 We cooperated with companies and was given a lecture about the data analysis of buying behavior.
   Our general and science course students adopted “Data Science” and statistics into their research last year.  They read a trend from huge data and promote Challenge Research and Super Science research, which leads to regional revitalization.  Last year some research conducted by General course students won the prize in Japan.
   On Thursday July 25th Karasudani Masahiko and Miyaoka Maya who belong to the Department of Analytics Solution and Nishiguchi Miho who belongs to the Department of Economic Strategy PR visited our school and gave us a lecture titled “Unexpected? Satisfied?  Let’s see the world from shopping at supermarkets and drugstores.”  From first graders and third graders who are interested in statistics attended this lecture.
    After the lecture about a difference of pos data and ID-pos data, we did a workshop.  We analyzed what are sold well now by using a software made by True Data.  Students were divided into each groups and guessed a market from real data, using iPad.  The results often became different from what we had expected.  So we could enjoyed the lecture and realized an attractive point of guessing a market. 
   Thank you very much for guiding students kindly all the time, three teachers.  We are looking forward to your continued patronage.  
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  They are smiling with peace signs.
  A female lecturer is speaking and students are listening with concentration
  They are watching the monitor.
  The students were being given advice by a lecturer