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October 29th (Tue) SSH Fieldwork in the United States ~Day 2~

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    On the second day of the fieldwork in the United States, we visited Connecticut University.  We had some activities at Faculty of Chemistry with students in Woodstock Academy.  Dr. Mani Tomoyasu who graduated from the science course in our high school works there.
    First, we gave presentations of our research.  That was the first presentation in front of English native speakers and we were nervous.  During the Q & A session we were asked so many questions. We managed to answer them.
    Next, we conducted the experiment on energy absorption and emission reaction of molecules using green laser with Dr. Mani.  At first, we received the explanation from our teacher.  Then we were divided into two groups and conducted the experiment.  We were confused because everything was done by using English.  Thanks to Woodstock Academy students’ help, we were finally able to exchange opinions in English.  After the experiment, we looked around the whole building of the faculty and Dr. Mani’s laboratory.  We also talked about the contents of the faculty and the system of American universities.
   (209HR   Nishio)