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about Matsuyama Minami High School

 Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Minami High School has been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology since 2002. We have been researching and developing programs for science education in cooperation with universities and research institutes. We try to bring fascinating and inspiring science activities not only to our students but also to the local community.  Each of our students does a great deal of individual research, and because of their strenuous effort, they have won prizes in various kinds of science fairs.

about SSH

 The SSH project was started in 2002 as part of the "Scientific Literacy Enhancement Initiative" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It aims to develop student abilities and develop global leaders with great ambitions in the field of science. And technology. As of 2021, there are 218 high schools designated as SSH, including ours. 

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July12, 2021 Ochanomizu University

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 An exchange of scientific ideas by female students collaboration between Ochanomizu University High School and Matsuyama Minami High School.  Research presentations on three themes by each school took place, and female students exchanged their ideas.  Also, three university students from Ochanomizu University (2 graduates from Ochanomizu University High School and 1 graduate from Matsuyama Minami High School) participated as advisors and gave us a lot of advice.  We would like to continue to promote such collaborations.  We are grateful to all the participants from Ochanomizu University High School and Ochanomizu University. 
 The themes of research presentations at Ochanomizu University High School
 ①Fujiwara no teika’s poetic world and his orientation
 ②Study of long-term diving of red-eared slider
 ③Blueberry power generation and  electrolyte ~Dye-sensitized solar cell~
The themes of research presentations at Matsuyama Minami High School
 ①Comparison of physical properties of fabrics using laser light interference
 ②Establishment of a method for quantifying ascorbic acid contained in spinach
 ③Possibility of energy-saving flight seen from the wings of butterflies

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