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“Tobitate!” Leap for Tomorrow, Young Ambassador Program ~ Report ⑧ ~

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   On the return day, I left the hotel at 5am and headed to the airport.  At first, there was a small problem when I left my luggage, but I managed to get on the plane.  However, even after 1 hour, the plane did not fly, and after a while, an announcement that “departure was delayed” flowed and was got off from the plane.  I thought I will miss the connecting flight, so I asked the staff, but it was a very cold reply.  I felt the greatness of the Japanese airline.
   After all, because of bad weather in Chicago, there was only one late flight that day, but I was not allowed to ride it.  However, it is a big trouble that only the baggage goes to Chicago due to the mistake of the airline.  I couldn't return to Japan on that day, and I stayed at Dr. Mani’s house that night.
   The next day, I left home early in the morning and headed for Chicago from Hartford.  I was able to get on the plane safely.  There was no check between the international and domestic flights at the Chicago airport connection, it was free to come and go, and there was no customs and no passport check.
    This time, I was able to leave Chicago and arrive safely in Japan without getting in trouble.  Thanks to Dr. Mani’s wife’s negotiating with the airport staff, I was able to pick up my baggage at Narita Airport.
    The first thing I felt when I came back to Japan is that it is delicious whatever I eat.  I thought I had a strange taste.  All American foods have high calories and the tastes are quite different from those in Japan.  I felt that I spent about 40 days in such a situation.
    Recalling that now, it seemed like a long time, but it was not true and s short time.  I am very grateful to all the people for their cooperation in various aspects including Dr. Mani.  I would also like to share my valuable experience with many people.
  (309HR    Ikeda Yumeka)
  Chicago Airport