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“Tobitate!” Leap for Tomorrow, Young Ambassador Program ~ Report ④ ~

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    We selected “Pharmacy: Explore the Field” in this fourth week.  This week we had some activities, such as experiments, and visited the hospital.  In the experiment, we especially enjoyed making capsules.  We made them in two days and thought which methods would be better.  In addition, we made several kinds of medicine with several different substance.  We observed how it melted.
    On Thursday, we visited UConn Health Center and looked around the hospital.  The most surprising thing is the way of delivering medicine.  All they had to do is to set medicine in a capsule and push a button.  Then medicine was delivered to the place where we hope to put it.  There were lanes in the wall to deliver medicine and robots to carry medicine.  So I think it is very convenient.
    The hospital has two buildings.  All the patients’ rooms in the new one were a private room.  The view from the building was very beautiful because of a glassed-in room.  There were television monitors throughout the corridor and they could check the information of patients’ blood pressure, a heart rate and so on anytime.  I thought that America advanced their technology the most in the world.   
    Students had the experience of a tea ceremony.  It was my second ambassador activity.  After that they put maccha (green tea) on ice cream or into milk.  Everyone enjoyed maccha.
  My roommate was the same student of the previous week.  So we could bond stronger.
  “UConn Pre-college Summer” was a part of my life while studying in the U.S.  It will be finished in the end of this week.  Four weeks have passed since I arrived in the U.S.  I met many people and studied many things.  It was a very satisfying four weeks.  I’ll finish American buffet-style meals at the dining hall where I have visited for a month and the life in the dormitory.  The second part is starting from the next week.  I’m going to stay in a hotel and study at Mr. Mani’s laboratory.  I want to make every day count and work hard to learn a lot.
     (204HR   J.Y.  H.Y   T.Y.  N.Y.)