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Data Marketing Program 8 “Exchange of opinions for policy creation 1”

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 On Friday, June 18, we had four people from Fuji Corp. Ltd., including Executive Fumikazu ONISHI, and three people from Seki Corp. Ltd., including Information Service Business Promotion Office Manager Masahiko AKAO, who came to our school.  Through ZOOM, we also had three participants from True Data Corp., including Masahiko TORITANI, who is Second Director of Analytics Solutions Department, and President Hirotaka SEKI and Creative Director Shota IZUMI from Seki Corp.  Today, “exchange of opinions 1” was held to prepare measures.
 Based on the contents of the lecture so far, we analyzed “Purchase data of customer types,” “Purchase data of product department for each group’s customer type,” “How many times a day or a week customers visit to purchase.”  Also, based on the data of the monthly sales decomposition tree of the relevant store, we concluded “Sales decomposition tree,” “Steps for actions, thinking 5W1H concept,” “Appeal keyword.”  During this session, we asked advisers some questions to improve our ideas.  Our measures are still on the way, but we announced what we thought today in about three minutes.
 Next time, we will continue to hold an exchange of opinions 2 for the creation of measures.

 I had difficulty reading the data, but thanks to a lot of people, I was able to get the work done. ( 203  Mai WATANABE )