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2020/12/17 Advanced Science

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 On December 15th and 16th, the 1st grade students from science course visited many places as the advanced science lecture.  They went to advanced laboratory to attend technical lectures.  We showed the eagerness about our research.
 On the first day, we visited Ehime fisheries experimental station and Ehime mandarin experimental station in Uwajima.  We learned the issues about agriculture and fisheries.  After that, we attended the lecture about earthquakes and medical treatment.
 On the second day, we visited a science museum to learn how to wrestle SSH program.  And we attended the lecture about Masataka Ogawa, who invented blue LEDs.  We were all interested in his story.  After that, we went to the paper laboratory.  They used very expensive machine.
 Through the advanced science lecture, we learned about the research to solve local issues.  And we learned the hardship that people working there had.  The most important thing that we learned is “Added Value”.  It is important for regions to survive in the world.  We have to find my own “Added Value”.  We should challenge many things.
 (109HR  Aoto Shinozaki)