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2020/12/14 SDGs

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 On Saturday, December 12th, the second meeting of the title was held online.  From our school, 16 students and 3 teachers joined it.  Two students from Iyo agricultural High School joined it.
 This project consists of three series. This is the second time.  First, we announced the previous issue, ”SDGs ― A poster with many words”.  After that, we were divided into groups.  One group thought about plastic waste and the other group thought about local production for local consumption, and exchanged opinions.  We thought carefully about the theme and we commented on what high school students can do.  In the third time, we will announce what each group has studied.  This time, we used an app: thinking tool called “miro” and information shared online (Please look at the photo) .
 I was glad to join the meeting because I could learn about the different perspectives and ways of thinking of college students and other high school students.  I want to acquire a lot of ideas while responding to new learning styles.
  (101HR  Saki Mochimaru)