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2020/11/14 High School Cultural Festival

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   From our school, four physics groups, two chemistry groups, two biology groups and one geoscience group, a total of nine groups took part in a competition.  In the elimination round, each of us had eight minutes for a poster presentation that put questions and answers together.  We did this three times.  The Tobeyaki Ginnans group in the field of chemistry and the thermoacoustic group in the field of physics passed the elimination round and advanced to the final.  In the final presentation, there were questions and answers with high school students from other schools.  They participated actively and it became a successful competition for the presenters and participants.
   As a result, the Tobeyaki Ginnans group won the award for an excellent work and will participate in the national tournament in Wakayama prefecture next year.
   Unfortunately, the thermoacoustic group missed the national tournament, but they got a participation award.
   Though it was the first time for many students to participate in the competition, we could publish with a dignified manner.  We will do our best as we use the experience of this competition for our researches and presentations from now on.  
 ( 209HR  Koya Nishioka )