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8/13 competition of the health data analytics and management

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   Students and teachers from Matsuyama minami high school took part in the competition of the health data analytics and management on August 7th. We got some lectures from Mr. Murakami Makoto, Mr. Yamaguchi Kazunori and Mr. Takahashi Kunihiko.

   People’s daily life has changed due to the influence of the coronavirus. We can see relations of several data by gathering information as graphs. We also can see new problems. Though the data seem to be correct at first, we find wrong calculation or incorrect comparing. I thought it was important that persons who receive data have to think from many directions and to read information properly. I want to read many data in order to improve my ability to judge and understand properly the data. ( Nishioka Aika)

   It was exciting and interesting for me to be able to derive what people are demanding from user data analysis and statistical data from FiNC apps. As Mr.Yamaguchi said, I thought it is necessary to approach the truth from statistics and control risk, how to read, act and convey data, so I also try to investigate and think about it by myself.      
  ( Ishikura Jun)