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October 31st (Thu) SSH Fieldwork in the United States ~Day 3~

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    Today is the second day of our training at UCON.  In the morning we had a workshop with Woodstock Academy students continuing from yesterday.
    In the experiment, first, we confirmed light emission by electron transfer.  Next, we measured the absorption spectrums of light and compared them.  We worked with the group members to prepare solutions and measured spectral peaks of wavelengths.  We were able to improve the experiment communicating in English.
   In the afternoon, Dr. Mani reviewed the two-day experiment and then he gave a lecture on his research.  Yesterday’s and Today’s experiments are both called “electron transfer reactions.”  They were related to the contents of the 1992 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, so Dr. Mani gave us a detail of these principals.  He also explained Mr.Jason’s research, who belongs to his laboratory.  After that, we asked Dr. Mani why he chose an overseas university.  We also asked his ways of thinking as a researcher and so on.  We were able to listen to a lot of very useful stories from Dr. Mani and felt happy.
   Thanks to Dr. Mani, we were able to spend two whole days at UCON.  We would like to thank Dr. Mani and make the best use of what we learned and experienced in UCON in the future.
     (209HR   Nimura Kanan)
The experiment with Woodstock Academy students.  They are preparing for a solution.
I am measuring spectral peaks of the wavelength.
The lecture on Dr. Mani’s research.
An interview with Dr. Mani.
We are listening to explanations of Mr. Jason’s research.
Commemorative photo with Mr. Mani and laboratory stuffs