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September 24th (Tue) Global Science Campus (GSC) Hiroshima ~Fieldwork in Taiwan~

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   Fujiie Ai, a second year student in the science course, joins Global Science Camp (GSC) Hiroshima step up stage.  She participated in the fieldwork in Taiwan from September 9th (Mon) to 11th (Wed).  The following is her report about the fieldwork.
    I joined the fieldwork in Taiwan, one of the activities of GSC Hiroshima.  Two girl students who live in Hiroshima and I joined it.  We only transported on the first day.  I left for Matsuyama airport in Taiwan from Matsuyama airport in Ehime.  I joined two girls on the way.  The typhoon delayed our transfer.  However we safely arrived at Taipei.  After arriving there, we left for Yilan.  I visited Taiwan on my school trip in May.  So I felt nostalgic about the unique smell like Taipei.  But the atmosphere there was different from that of Taipei. 
   Second day, we visited National Lan-Yang Girls’ Senior High School.  I made a presentation about glaze of Tobe-yaki I study.  It was my first presentation in English.  So I was very nervous.  The students there enjoyed not only their studies but their presentations.  This experience inspired me very much.  After that, we enjoyed English class and took various scientific seminars mixed with art.    
   When I joined group activities, I was a little bit overwhelmed by their English skills.  However, I used English as much as I can and gestures to have a good communication with them.  Thanks to it, I made many friends.  I realized my week points of English.  I want to continue studying hard.
   Third day was a homecoming day.  We had a frightening experience.  The plane we boarded tried to land on Haneda airport again and again. However, I finally  arrived at Matsuyama safely.  I had a lot of experiences.  I deepened bonds with friends, met “Rike-jo” in Taiwan , and so on.  I want to spend my school life happily and study hard.
   I thanked my teachers in Hiroshima.  They guided me during the fieldwork in Taiwan.
   The report of this fieldwork is on the website of Hiroshima University,
“GSC Hiroshima”  https://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/gsc/2019t
   (207HR   Morino Kouki)