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July 31 (Wed) “Tobitate!” Leap for Tomorrow, Young Ambassador Program ~ Report ②~

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    I chose “Food Science and Technology” for the second week.  This lesson were classroom learning, but we went to the Lab to do experiments on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. 
    In the lecture we learned science technology, which is in the background of food, and considered how to choose healthy food.  In the experiment, we measured pH of purple cabbage.  Then we made ice cream, cheese and butter.
   When I had a conversation with my classmates, I was asked a lot of questions about Japanese food.  We had a great talk!
    I took five lectures.  I enjoyed “Pharmacy Compounding Workshop” the best.    We compounded materials, dispensed medicine and put it into a container.  Then we wrote a patient’s name on it.  I could experience medicine manufacturing.
   We changed our roommates every week.  I shared the room with a student from Massachusetts.  She was very friendly and kind.  We had a lot of conversations and joined the activities together.  I introduced origami to her and folded it together.
    This week, I asked people around me to speak slowly because I learned from mistakes last week.  Then everyone told me meanings of English words in conversation and rephrased what they said as easily as possible.  So we had a nice chat and it was connected to learn new things.  In group chatting with new friends, I learned unique expressions and abbreviations which are used in America.
   I also learned a lot about American culture and tried to have American food and drink.  I surprised at the pizza shop in Storrs Center which I visited in the activity class.  Surprisingly, I could choose topping ingredients and pizza dough I like.  They were so delicious!
    I’ll take “Digital Animation and Motion Graphic” class next week. 
   (206HR    Jane Does)
  Measurement of pH
  Dispense medicines
  Put medicine into a plastic case
  In the closing ceremony(The picture was taken when we made cheese)