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Matsuyama Minami High School

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       Ehime, JAPAN

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about Matsuyama Minami High School

 Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Minami High School has been designated as a Super Science High School (SSH) by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology since 2002. We have been researching and developing programs for science education in cooperation with universities and research institutes. We try to bring fascinating and inspiring science activities not only to our students but also to the local community.  Each of our students does a great deal of individual research, and because of their strenuous effort, they have won prizes in various kinds of science fairs.

about SSH

 The SSH project was launched as part of "Science Literacy Enhancement Initiatives" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2002. It aims to develop students' abilities and to foster global leaders with great ambitions in the field of science and technology. As of 2018, there are 204 high schools in Japan, including our school, designated as SSH.

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Collect leaves of NanaoreUme ( a plum )

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Tobeyaki-umechans, who study NanaoreUme ( aplum ), went to Tobe town to collect leaves for material of their study.

They cooperated with Youji Higashi, therepresentative director of Nanaore Ume Plum Cooperative Association, and MasaruTakeuchi, the processing and selling manager. They gathered the green leavesremaining in the trees.

It cannot be said that leaves aresufficient amount.  We dry them and burnthem to cinders.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind ofglaze it will be!  (Inoue Hiroaki)


November 1 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 14

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Today we had the 14th SS.  Second graders’ challenge researches are makingprogress very well.  They got advice fromgraduate students of Ehime University and many other people.  They search for better research contents.  We are looking forward to seeing how far theirresearches will develop in the remaining period. (Y.T)

Graduate students of Ehime University helpthem.

She’s used to separating substancesby a centrifuge. 


They can also measure oxygen concentrationvery well.


Mathematic team is reviewing theirdata.


Exploratory experiment in English together with Taipei Municipal Jianguo Senior High School students

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Today fifteen students and teachers of oursister school, Taipei Municipal Jianguo Senior High School visited us.  We were together throughout the day.  We visited their high school six times for sixstraight years.  We gave presentations onour studies there.  This is their firstvisit to our school.  We did anexperiment to extract our DNA during the biology class, communicating with eachother in English.  Matsuyama Minami HighSchool continues to focus on international exchanges in the future. (O.M.)



Ehime University Laboratory Experience

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  On October 24 (Wednesday) and 25th (Thursday), a second grade mathematical science student visited the laboratory of Ehime University. Visiting places are Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, School of Medicine, Proteoscience Center, Coastal Environmental Science Research Center, Deep Earth Dynamics Research Center.I will introduce a part of that situation. Every laboratory has prepared highly sophisticated and specialized lectures, practical training, and experiments that can not be experienced in high school life, and gave me a very valuable experience. Thank you very much for each of our laboratories. Thank you very much!
Faculty of Agriculture
School of Medicine
Faculty of Education

Coastal Environmental Science Research Center


October 4 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 13

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Today 's SS was the 13 th this year.
 Since second graders were a high school collaborative project, there were an activity of only the first graders. Issues There are explanations of the research schedule, how to plan and efficiently conduct experiments and observations with little activity time and scientifically summarize it? The ability of each team is questioned.

Experiment preparation of osmotic pressure of glucose
They carefully plan the experimental plan


September 27 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 12

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Today 's SS was 12th this year.
  Second graders were a group who is experimenting for the intermediate presentation. Can you summarize the data well before the presentation?
  First graders are in various states in task research. The first course may be changed in the middle, but the beginning is still important.
  And Mentor came coming today, and we got a consultation!
Traces of work of the fossil team
It is colorful.
With the mentor
Mentor who cooperated today

September 20 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 11

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  Today 's SS was the eleventh this year.
  Second graders were mostly a group that summarizes posters for Kobunsai Festival and research summaries. I would like you to understand the contents of it well and repeatedly practice the presentation so that anyone can announce it.
  First graders are a team whose task research began to take on track, a team that is about to begin right now. Either way, I do not want to forget the attitude of having a purpose conscious and actively researching.
  And Mentor came coming today, and I got a consultation! Hiroyuki Miyauchi of mathematics department of Ehime University Faculty of Science.
Observation of plants in the rain
Strategy Conference centered on teachers
Mathematics team together with Mentor
Physical team also consulted with Mentor

September 13 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 10

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 Today 's SS was the tenth this year.
 Second graders summarized the posters and research abstracts used for presentation at the Kobunsai Festival, and further accumulated research data. The result is also necessary soon. We will work ambitiously to enrich the research contents.
 First graders decided the theme of task research and planning research plans. There are also teams that are already conducting research here, and there are teams who are still planning to formulate research plan. I think that I want you to steadily advance forward without stepping out here.
Planning sampling
Diorama of Takahpara Peninsula was created with the cooperation of Tobe branchWe measure the oxygen concentration in the tank
Making glaze also started

August 30 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 9

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Today 's SS was the first semester and the ninth this year.
Second graders continues to work on problem research. In the second semester, there are also intermediate presentations and presentations at Kobunsai Festival, and it is around time that the pace is rising. Based on the results of the experiment, let's set the direction for further research progress.
First graders decided the theme of task research and planning research plans. Although it is the start of research, planning the first plan is important. Please consult with your teacher well and let's move forward after making a prospect.

        What to do with tomatoes ...


        Preparing for electrolysis

   They also cooperate to measure the frictional force

   They received a research lecture from their senior


July 19 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 8

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Today's SS was the eighth this year.

  Second graders continues to work onresearch. Based on opinions and advice from the administration guidancecommittee, the experiment seems to be progressing more and more. I hope thatresearch will continue even during the summer holidays, and that a lot of teamsfollowing the seniors will come out.
  First graders conducted brainstorming forthe team of task research and the theme decision. The time to start taskresearch is nearing. It is not an exaggeration to say that setting a group orsetting a theme is the most important point for that. I would like to havethoughtful consideration and decide.

  Analyzing clouds from fixed pointobservation images.

  Analyzing fruit juice by centrifugalseparator.

  Various ingenuity has been done on waterdroplet experiments.

  It is examination of the research theme in brainstorming.



June 14 (Thu) SS (Super Science) No. 7

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 Today 's SS was the seventh this year.
 Second graders were working on task research. Based on opinions and advice at the research plan recital at last week, there was a team who reexamined the experimental method and a team that advanced the experiment. Inside there was also a team to change the theme itself. I hope that research will go forward in the summer and autumn.
 First graders were practicing in mathematics field. They learned the method of data processing using a computer and examined the correlation coefficients of both using a variety of data, such as the correlation between the height and weight of the dinosaur, and searched for what tendency is. It could also be used in future mathematics and science subject research.

 Checking device identifying bat type

 You can use a stirrer like this

 He is talking about the results of his own analysis

 Analyzing by making full use of computer functions

June 7 (Thu) SS (Super Science) Sixth (First grader)

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  Today 's SS was the sixth this year.
  For the first grader, as experiments in the physical field, we conducted experiments on constant linear motion. We properly used the recording timer, found the speed and acceleration, and analyzed the movement. Also, we graphed the relationship between mass and acceleration from the data of each group and discussed the relationship between them. Representatives of each team announced the results and shared it with everyone.

  Analyzing recording tape

  Work precisely so that you can discuss!

June 7 (Thu) SS (second grader)

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 Today's SS was an assignment research plan recital.
 Based on the materials we created, every group presented the motivation and purpose of the research and the experiment method.
 In the question and answer session, the more aggressive the question was, the more time I got, which made it a meaningful time.
 We will revise the plan with reference to the advice received after the announcement and will continue our research from now.

  I was able to announce it without looking diligently the manuscript.

 Q & A time

 Assistant principal teacher advised me that “do your own research”.

May 31 (Fri) SS (Super Science) No. 5

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  Today's SS was the 5th time this fiscal year.
  Second graders summarized the results so far and created materials for the research plan presentation. Discovery and experience gained by announcing is also important. Let's prepare carefully so that you can get advice.

Working on experimental pipe
It is sifting through the ashes of ginkgo leaves
  First graders measured gravitational acceleration as an experiment in geoscience field. First, they learned the basic knowledge of the structure of the earth and gravity. Then they measured the period of the pendulum and calcurated the gravitational acceleration. They were able to learn how to precisely measure by using stopwatch, how to process data, and realize the wonder of the natural law.
Preparation for measuring the period of the pendulum
We can not do without cooperation of members

Friday, May 24 SS (Super Science) No. 4

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Today was the 4th SS this year.
Second graders conducted experiments and made summaries of the results and prepared presentation materials for the research plan presentation for the next week. There are teams that research is progressing smoothly, and there are also teams that review and drastically change. In any case, I would like you to consider the incentives for motivation and future plans closely and make them consistent.
First graders studied the enzymes of the biological field. First they learned basic knowledge about enzymes and then experimented with enzymes using liver. They have become accustomed to the handling of aqueous solutions and they have been able to work efficiently considering procedures. Of course they did not forget to take the record securely and make it available to the consideration.
They are summarizing the research contents
Use an analytical balance to measure precisely
Observing enzyme reactivity
What will happen to the incense fire?

May 11 (Fri) SS (Super Science) 3rd

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  Students had the third SS. Second graders didn't have SS because they had mid-term examination.
  First graders had experiment in chemistry. They observed reactivity of the cation, and they tried to to identify the unknown cations,paying attention to the safety. They were surprised at the difference in color and reactivity of the aqueous solution. They also tried identify what kind of ion they had by learning the differences of the reactivities of the aqueous solution. By doing these work precisely, they learned that objective experimental data can be obtained.

Students separated each aqueous solution
They got used to handling pipettes
They had colorful aqueous solutions
Identification of metal ionsing

April 26 th (Thu) SS (super science) Part 2

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    Today we had the 2nd SS this year. The second year students prepared for presentation at Taiwan school trip and prepared for the presentation of our research plan in June. All the students were trying their best. From looking seriously, so we are looking forward to the contents of future activities.
    The first year student learned basic experimental techniques in the biological field. We reviewed how to operate the microscopes again, and calculated the range of the sight and observed the samples. The first year student has started studying the fundamentals of research activities. I am expecting that they will have basic knowledge of the research firmly  and the research will proceed smoothly.

Second graders are investigating precedent studies in detail

Preparation for second graders' school trip has got into full swing

Experimental work on the research of the second grader has started

First graders are trying to be familiar with handling of microscopes


April 19 th (Thu) SS (super science) start

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    From this day SS of this school year started. The second grade gathered in each group and examined how to proceed this year's research. We exchanged opinions with enthusiasm with a teacher in charge.
    The first year student had the first SS since admission. First of all, they had explanation from their teacher about SSH of our school. After that, they practiced the basic operation of chemical laboratory instruments.

Meeting of the biological group of the second grade

The second grade chemistry group learns about light

First grade learned about the outline of SSH

Students practicing how to handle experimental instruments

Presentation in English

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 On Thursday, February first, the wonderful students of homeroom 109 had a unique and exciting experience at Ehime University.
 During yesterdays conference the students had the opportunity to listen to the second installment of the lectures presented by two fabulous Ehime University researchers. The students were very excited to be in a University lecture hall, getting a small glimpse of what their university lives will be like.

 In the latter half of the conference, three groups of motivated science course students presented their own research projects. They all did wonderfully and at the end of the conference, they were given helpful and constructive comments from our guest lecturers.

 We can not thank the faculty at Ehime University and fantastic lecturers enough for this great experience. In addition we would like to extend our thanks to the Mathematics, Science, and English teachers of South High school for their diligent work helping the 109 students achieve academic success.

 We look forward to our next academic endeavor! 

Tehya Waters (テーヤ先生)
Matsuyama Prefectural ALT

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” ― Seth Godin

Guest lecturers evaluating students presentation


Preview of English Presentation Performance

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 Yesterday, the brilliant students of homeroom 109 engaged in a scientific exchange with researchers from Ehime University. They experienced real-world scientific research and gained practical presentation experience. They understood both the importance of thorough research as well as English speaking skills. Our students are well on their way to becoming world-class scientists and mathematicians in their own right.

 Thank you to both of the presenters for their invaluable presentation advice as well as their fascinating research.  We look forward to furthering interaction with Ehime University.

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” ― Seth Godin ―

Tehya Waters (テーヤ先生)
Matsuyama Prefectural ALT

Lecture on Geodynamics
Lecture on Malaria


SSH Science Trip to Taiwan

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 21 students (15 from science and mathematics course, and 6 from general course) visited Taiwan, aiming to broaden their international views and strengthen their communicative competence in English through the scientific exchanges with Taiwanese students.
 12/19  Mr. Hsu, Chien-Kuo, Principal at Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and our Principal Satoshi Hatano signed an agreement to establish a sister school relationship. They promise everlasting friendly exchanges between the two schools. The students had a great time showing the presentations of their research, talking with each other, attending an English class.

 12/20  At Lioho High School, the students enjoyed taking a math class and looking around the school. They wish they had spent more time there. At National Wu-Ling Senior High School, each school made three presentations of their research. After that, the students joined a class in physics and had a great time working together.


The awarding ceremony

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 The awarding ceremony of prefectural convention for 61th Japan Student Science Award (JSSA) was held at Ehime-Bunkyo Hall on Nov. 22. Two teams of our science course students were awarded. One of them is Jelly Fish Team, and the other Slime Mold Team. Jelly Fish Team was given the best award and will go to the national convention.



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 Sept. 14th. We burnt the green leaves of maidenhair trees to make ash for glaze.

 Nov. 2nd. We burnt the twigs we dried last time to make ash for glaze.

 We had to gather much more leaves. In spite of the rain, hockey team students helped us.

 We will dry the leaves and burn them again to make ash for glaze. 


Sill-up Program

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 Three teams of science course students (11th grade) took part in “Ehime Science Leaders Sill-up Program” on Nov. 11th. Gauss Accelerator Team, Electric Fan team and Pill Bug Team had poster presentation.
 At first, we felt a little nervous but we had good presentation. Also, we communicated with students from other schools through question-answering.


exchange meeting about natural science

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  We had the “exchange meeting about natural science” at Matsuyama Central High School on Oct. 8th and 9th. In the morning of 8th, we tried to make “high-power batteries”, and in the afternoon, we had research activities in the same subject. On 9th, we had presentations about our research activities.
make a voltmeter where a higher voltage can be measured
 make an ultimate string telephone
a group photo

The special speech by the graduate

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  On August 21st, we had a special speech. The speaker was Mr. Tomoyasu Mani, who was one of the students of the first SSH graduates, and is now the assistant professor at Connecticut University. The title of his speech was “Keep on trying.” In his speech, he told us about the differences of education systems between Japan and U.S.A Also he emphasized the importance of having the enthusiasm to “keep on trying.”
  Mr. Mani, the assistant professor at University of Connecticut, Department of Chemistry
education systems
  Mr. Mani, talking about the differences of education systems


Welcoming students from Hawaii

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  We welcomed three students and a teacher from Hawaii on Wednesday afternoon. After short greetings and self-introductions, we exchanged some presents.

  The students from Hawaii joined an English lesson with HR 209 students. They gave English presentations about Matsuyama, Japanese culture, and animation.

  After that, we made Origami cranes.

  In the sixth period, the students from Hawaii attended a calligraphy lesson with HR 202 and HR 207 students. They seemed so excited and they tried very hard.

  Here are their wonderful works!!

  Even though it was a short stay, we had a very good time.


research outcome report meeting

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Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama Minami High School in Heisei 28
Super science high school research outcome report meeting

Our school received research designation for the 4th term of Heisei 27(SY), and has been working on research and development of "SESD to promote Science Education for Sustainable Development" during a period of 5 years. We will report on this year's SSH project in science and mathematics conducted by 2nd grade students, problem studies by first grade students, problem studies by first and second grade students. Finally overseas training will follow. Please feel free to participate.

Date and time: March 15, 2017, 12: 20 ~ 15: 45
Location: Matsuyama City Ehime Prefecture Integrated Community Center (Camellia Hall)
Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City Minatomachi 7 - chome 5  TEL 089 - 921 - 8222


English Presentation

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